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The Highway Law Enforcement

In the United States, there are State Police officers, they are also known as the “Highway Patrol.” There job is to ensure safety to the entire public, as well as perform services to citizens. The state police perform a variety of duties and tasks that they must carry out during their shifts. There are also a variety of requirements that must be met to become a state officer, and even after you pass all of the tests and graduate from the twenty six-week academy, there are still many hardships once you are a Highway patrol officer. Why would anyone want to do this? The most likely reason is to be granted a certain authority, knowledge and skills to serve and protect the entire public.

There are many requirements that must be met to become a Highway Patrol. To be able to join the C.H.P or California Highway Patrol, you must first pass a variety of requirements, for example the minimum age at which you can apply to the California Highway Patrol is 1 years old. (Ferguson 161). The age requirement is so high probably to ensure proper education as well as time to graduate from the C.H.P academy. Also the job might require activities that would require an officer to be a certain age. Other requirements that must be met are must posses a high school diploma, must be a U.S citizen, and have to pass the 6-week C.H.P academy where you will be properly trained. (Police officers 161) The requirements to become an officer are very basic, involving minimum school and being a certain age. The training academy would also further a cadets knowledge of the law. These requirements are to be met to ensure that an officer is properly trained in his duties. In addition the many requirements which are to be met to become a state police officer are to ensure that they have the proper knowledge and skills to perform and carry out their jobs.

Before being eligible for the highway patrol, a 6-week CHP training academy located in west Sacramento must be completed. During the period of the academy, cadets will be trained in “academic courses, physical training, vehicle operation and the use of weapons” (“CHP Officers Network”). Proper training in these courses is essential to the state officer’s job, and it would further help them to keep control in the field. The training the cadets go through would further insure that they would have the ability to be ready for any problem that might arise. Also the academic courses would give the cadets insight as on how to go about writing reports, from an accident or an incident. In addition a person must complete the training academy and be properly trained in order to continue the path to becoming a State Officer.

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At the end of the 6-week training academy a final examination must be completed in order to be accepted as an officer. The examination consists of a pass/fail written test (CHP Officers Network). The written exam would test your academic knowledge on what you have learned in the training academy. After the written test is taken trainees must then pass a physical ability test (CHP Officers Network). This exam is to test your peak physical abilities and to see a person’s maximum potential in the field. It would be best for cadets to be physically fit to pass the exam. After both the written and physical exam are completed, they must then have a final interview with an officer, and must achieve a minimum rating of 70%. (“CHP Officers Network”). The final interview cadets would be asked questions to evaluate if they are mentally fit to join the CHP. It also gives insight as to if a person is fit to be a highway patrol. It also reviews the cadet’s personal intentions in the Highway Patrol. In addition the final examinations are to evaluate cadets to see if they are Physically as well as mentally fit for the State Police Officers.

After all of the many requirements are met, all of the tests are passed and a cadet is accepted into the California Highway Patrol they still have many duties that must be followed in their jobs. For example a state officer monitors the traffic and highways (Ferguson 161). While they monitor traffic officers keep their eyes out for any hazardous situations and any situations that need to be attended to. They are also required to arrest criminals statewide (“State Police Officers”). Officers are given the responsibility to chase Lawbreakers State wide in case of an emergency on the road. Highway patrol officers enforce motorcycle laws and regulations (“State Police Officers”). Law enforcement officers are usually as strict on motorcycles as well as road vehicles. Officers direct traffic when needed (“State Police Officers”) CHP might direct traffic if an accident takes place, and take control of traffic. Directing traffic could be dangerous so Officers must be cautious when directing traffic. While officers monitor traffic they “write traffic tickets or issue warnings to drivers who are violating traffic laws or not observing safe driving practices” (Ferguson 161) Police might give out tickets to persons who brake the speed limit. They also might let persons off with just a warning if the person has an understandable reason. Furguson states that, “officers must give first aid to any injured persons” and also write reports after accidents occur. Officers would most likely learn first aid in the twenty six-week training academy. The knowledge in first aid would be a lifesaving trait to have for an officer in case of an emergency. In addition highway patrol officers perform a variety of duty to further serve and protect all that needs it.

During the career of a California Highway Officer their salaries may differ. For example after graduation from the CHP Academy an officer’s salary would range anywhere from $841.00 to $000.00 (“CHP Officers Network”). Starting Salaries would most likely vary from location. Also it could differ depending on the officers performance. Other officers higher in rank and have attended a two to four year college majoring in criminal law would receive a salary ranging up to $571.00 (“CHP Officers Network”). Once an officer has moved up in ranks, put there share of time into the service and attended the right schools there salary would be have a better chance of being higher, and receiving more benefits as well. In addition State Police Officers salaries differ depending on the schools they have attended, the location they are assigned and the time that they have put into being a Highway Patrol Officer.

After an accident occurs Highway Patrol Officers must then write a report reviewing the situation. For example if an accident takes place, sometime after the officer who was on duty must then write a report (“Police Officers 161”). After The report has been written and filed, it is then used by investigating officers who will determine the cause of the accident (“Police Officers 161”). The investigating officers will look for key clues and evidence to help them reenact the accident. In addition after accidents take place officers must write a report reviewing what had happened, and then the report to be reviewed by specialists to determine why that accident occurred.

California Highway Patrol officers go through a lot to get their jobs done, before and during their careers in law enforcement. Persons joining the CHP must first acquire a highschool diploma then, CHP officers most of the time attend two to four year colleges, persons they must train in a twenty six week academy learning how to perform all of the tasks and duties that an officer must know how to carry out. They must also be at least the age of 1 in order to become a Highway Patrol. After they must pass a gruesome evaluation to test their abilities academically, physically and mentally. After which all of the requirements is met the cadets graduate from the academy and are then which eligible for the CHP. Once accepted into the State police they still have many daily duties to accomplish such as, officers must carry out tasks such as roadside assistants, monitor traffic, perform first aid, conduct driver examinations, and give safety information to those who request it, they also write tickets to those who violate traffic laws and take control of emergency situations. Soon after writing a report reflecting what had happened. The state police officers also earn salaries ranging from $841.00-$571.00 depending on their ranks and the location of their departments as well as the time that they have put into the department of justice. In addition Highway Patrol Officers must meet a list of requirements to join the State Police and once accepted, officers still must perform many duties, they also enforce traffic laws to keep the roads safe to citizens, as well as do everything that is necessary to help resolve any situation that might arise, and they perform all of these duties to serve and protect the public.

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