Incubus’s way of saying goodbye

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I chose the song “Nice to Know You” by the group “Incubus.” Brandon Boyd the lead of singer of the group has been known to write songs about his past girlfriends to say goodbye to them or talk about how good it used to be. In this song he is talking about how good he feels now that he has broken up with his current girlfriend. As he says in the chorus of the song “Goodbye, nice to know you” which means they ended on a bad note and he is ready to move on. Incubus uses some literary term in this song and they are imagery, metaphor, and rhyme scheme.

This song starts off with some imagery by saying “Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons” and “Better than witnessing newborn nebulas in bloom.” (Line 1-) Brandon starts the song off with how his day is going as he had broke up with his girlfriend the day before. The next two lines give a sense that his girl had cheated on him and that is why he broke up with her. The evidence of this is “Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and gives you wings” (4). This line seems that he did not notice until he opened his eyes and saw that his girl was cheating on him.

The chorus comes up next and Brandon says goodbye to his girl by talking about how great he feels with her gone. Brandon also screams the chorus as if he is really talking to his ex-girlfriend. By changing his tone it, you can really relate to him if you have ever had someone cheat on you in a relationship, and it does not feel to good so that is why he is screaming the chorus. There is also some repetition in the chorus he repeats the chorus fours time to get the point to across to his ex-girlfriend.

In lines 5-6 he is talking about how bad it hurt when he found out his girl had been cheating on him. He says “Deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go” (5) in which he is talking about how deeply hurt he was by her wrong doing. In line 8 there is a simile when Brandon says “To obtain a birds eye is to turn a blizzard to a breeze” he is talking about how it was hard to watch his ex girl’s every move to see that she was cheating on him. The song then ends with the chorus and a question to his ex girl.

This song has a rhyme scheme of aa, bb, cc, dd, and ee. At the end of the first two lines ‘spoons’ and ‘bloom’ rhyme which make it aa. The next two lines have ‘sings’ and ‘wings’. The chorus starts off with cc with ‘today’ and ‘specify’. Then lines 5-6 have ‘go’ and ‘know’ which would be dd. Lines 7-8 have ‘trees’ and ‘breeze’. That is all the rhyme there is in the song.

In conclusion, Incubus is a great band and has always put out good music to listen to. They use good imagery words to put the audience in their shoes when they are listening to the songs. By using similes in their songs it also explains his words he is singing and also a way you could relate to his situation. Every two lines in this song rhymed except for the chorus where he mostly repeats the same line over and over again. This is a great song to say goodbye to a cheating girlfriend.

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