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Without imagery the reader would lose interest in the story, and the reader

wouldn’t connect to the author’s writing. One wouldn’t be able to connect or understand what

the author is feeling towards the piece of literature. Imagery is a literary method to help the

reader have a better understanding and feeling in a way where the reader can experience and feel

as if they were actually living in the moment being described. Imagery is a literary method to

make the reader understand the feelings in a way where the reader can experience and feel them

as if they were actually living them.

As people know a poem is pretty much all about imagery, without imagery the

poem wouldn’t have the same effect on the reader such as romantic phrases or even just the

description of a character that change the way the reader think about the work itself and the characters. By imagery the reader can actually understand what the author wants in a more specific way.

The way imagery is use in poems Maltz contends that these psychological shifts were due largely to his patients anticipation of being socially more acceptable, which in turn prompted them to interpret social interactions more favorably; thus encouraging them to interact in ways that elicited more positive responses, and so forth. His book is based upon the premise that people can perform psychological/emotional corrective surgery upon themselves through systematic reinforcement of a positive self-image. Psychologist Shelly Taylor goes so far as to argue that positive self-enhancing illusions about the self, the world, and the future can promote mental and physical well-being - even if these illusions seem objectively baseless!0 This appears to fly in the face of standard notions of mental health that posit a healthy mind as being firmly grounded in reality. Yet, when one considers the pace at which technology is changing the nature of our world, perhaps we need to reassess our approach to verifying reality before determining the propriety of others adaptations to it.1 Indeed, it is my contention that what looms on our immediate technological horizon - virtual reality and cyberspace - will require an equal shift in psychological perspective and practice which I tentatively term Psyber Psychology.

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