The Beach

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The Beach � Eli Rouimi Oct. 1, 0

I lock the door to my car as I take off with excitement towards the same path I take every day to get to the beach. I run fast with anticipation, not realizing that the knot holding my bathing suit tight to my waist is slowly untying. I must slow down. The setting sun looks like an immense yolk slowly evolving into an orange red color. I have goose bumps creeping up my bare arms and chest as the hasty wind comes rushing right past me. I’m as excited as a kid promised a pony ride.

I quickly make my way toward the beach chairs since my feet are sinking into the very hot sand, but the grainy sand is still comforting to the soles of my feet. Turning my head I can see the lengthy path of footsteps that I am leaving behind. I finally make it towards the beach chairs. I drop like a heavy rock that’s been at the edge of a cliff waiting to fall after many years. My mind instinctively goes blank. Everything I have done throughout the day is not rushing through my mind as it would, had I been lying down in my bedroom. All I can think about is the relaxing setting of the beach. The sounds I hear are harmonious. Seagulls peacefully squeak as they soar overhead searching for food. The wind whistles through the beach like a locomotive. As I daydream, the crashing sound of the waves thundering through my ears brings me back to reality.

I am awakened to see a peculiar figure that wants me to pay two dollars for sitting on the chair, because I am “using the beach’s services”. I pay the sum asked and it disappears. As my eyes stare straight up into the sky, I notice a kite rising above the clouds and soaring gracefully in the wind. My skin is turning red as the suntan lotion is starting to wear off. Both my hands are hanging by the sides of the beach chair. I feel the warm and fresh salty water creeping up towards the tips of my fingers. I get a tingling sensation that seems to travel all the way from my fingers up my arm and down my spine. Wow, what an astonishing and unusual feeling!

My lips are dry and I can taste the salty air enter my mouth when I yawn. A waitress comes by and asks me if I would like to order anything to drink. Even with the dry air making me very thirsty, I’m cheap and refuse to spend money on a drink that I can get for free at home. I don’t need this luxury to enjoy myself at the beach. Why is it that I can’t relax without being bothered? I try to keep in mind that the next time I come to the beach I will distance myself from everything around me. I feel that I am like the beach. I like a clear mind just like an empty quiet beach. Being here makes me feel like I’m in my own little world.

Struggling to get up from the beach chair, I feel the sand on the cheap plastic uncomfortably scraping against my back. The waves are magnificent and the water is invigorating. I make my way to the exciting blue waves that are waiting to carry me in and over as far as they can. As I make it to the surface of the water, the dry skin on the sole of my foot gets scratched up by the broken up sea shells. As I walk deeper and faster into the water, I’m like a small fish being swallowed by a huge killer shark. The salty waves come splashing into my face. A burning sensation reaches my eyes and I worry that I might become blinded.

Not having my eyes open for large waves, I am caught with one unexpectedly. The wave pushes me below the water’s surface and straight down towards the ocean floor. I’m being overpowered and controlled by one of god’s natural forces. However, being a good swimmer, I quickly take advantage of these waves to practice my swimming skills. As the day progresses, the sun light goes from orange red to purple to the eventual black of night. I rush back to shore and my feet get once again scratched up, this time even more so since it is dark. I hurry to grab my towel to warm me up since the coldness of the night is surrounding me. The people are gone. The waitress and the chair man are gone. The beach chairs are nicely stacked one on top of the other, ready to be spread out again the very next day. It is so quiet it feels like I’m deaf.

This day has been relaxing. I come here when I feel sad or when I just need to get away from everyday life. When I come to the beach I feel as if it were my real home, with a peaceful, comforting and soothing atmosphere. I wish more of life took place in an environment just like this one. The world would be a better place. Some people buy the sounds of the beach to bring it to their rooms. Being there is different.

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