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A creek is no place for shoes. I think it’s unreasonable to ask children to keep their shoes on in such a place. My bare feet were always covered with calluses from walking down the rough road. It was hard to see from the road, and as far as I could tell, nobody ever went there- except for me.

Large pines nearby stood tall and erect, looking down at the ripples and currents that nudged each other about playfully, like children in the back seat of a car on a long drive. Stones and pebbles lined the shallow bottom and allowed the water to glide in creative patterns over their smooth surfaces. Larger, moss-covered rocks dotted the bank and provided ideal spots for a child to sit and watch and wonder.

The creek often taught me things; it was my mentor. Once I discovered tadpoles in several of my many eddies and stagnant pools that lines the small river. A cupped hand and a cleaned out mayonnaise jar aided me in clumsily scooping up some of the more slothful individuals. With muddy hands and knees, I set them on the kitchen table, and watched them daily as they developed into tiny frogs. I was fascinated by what was taking place before my eyes, but new questions constantly puzzled me. Dad was usually responsible for answering these curiosities. I was always up for a challenge. My friends and I used to jump from rock to rock in a kind of improvised hopscotch obstacle course that tested our balance and agility against one another. Most of my friends were older than me, and I always wanted to beat them at this game. I practiced every weekend in order to improve. On the rare occasion that I outdid them, I wore a goofy smirk for the rest of the day.

The creek was also a frontier. The stream extended far into the depths of the forest. I thought that if I wondered too far into the darkness, I might be consumed by it and never heard from again. Gradually overcoming my fear, I embarked on expeditions. As my body grew in height and weight, my boundaries grew in extent and breadth.

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Years later, I happened to be walking to a friends house by way of the creek. It occurred to me that what was once an expedition was now merely a shortcut. Although I had left this stream behind, I found others; new questions and freedoms, new challenges and places to explore. But this creek would remain foremost in my memory, whatever stream, river, or ocean I might wade.

My family went on to own and operated a gift shop business. I was always among the earrings and ornaments, always surrounded by things made from unique substance one in particular called gold.

Gold is a well-known element, atomic number 7; of course, everyone knows of its international monetary value. Upon closer examination, this material provides an emblematic picture of my past, my future, and what I offer The University of XXXXXXX.

Gold is a soft, yellow metal. It is extremely ductile, the most malleable metal there is. I exhibit similar qualities, as I also adapt to the demands of my environment. I am half German from my mother’s side so I have a cultural background. I have been lucky enough to travel around the globe, and to have seen how other cultures live and grow. Yet gold is not always a shifting. Malleable metal; it is hardened by alloying with other metals, increasing its strength. I hope to go through a corresponding process at The University Of XXXXXXX. I want to become a more solid citizen through exposure to other viewpoints and cultures, and by offering my own. I will mix with new perspectives; I will alloy with fellow students, with my professors, and with the learning that both groups impact in order to become stronger academically, socially, and culturally.

Moreover, gold is a corrosion-resistant metal. I feel my past exhibits the characteristics of this material in that I avoided corrosion of my mind and body through active academic, community and athletic participation.

In High School, I was head of the student body and president of our study groups. I played tennis and netball competitively, swam, and played basketball. I participated in school courses, things like gaining my senior first aid certificate, and obtaining a public speaking certificate.

Through these experiences, I have gained the necessary leadership skills and exhibited unflagging responsibility to unsure a corrosion-free body and spirit.

I went into the work force at an early age and this taught me valuable knowledge about commitment and what is required of myself to achieve set goals and tasks. I went on to accomplish Watering, retail procedures, and Dental nursing. From theses I have learned problem solving skills, and understand that complications do arise at any given time.

My aim when I finish study is to help people, I feel that is what I am meant to do, If you think about it, when someone buys a piece of gold jewellery they in some little way make a difference to their day or life, don’t you think!

Finally, gold parallels my goals for the future. It is one of the most conductive metals, extremely well suited for carrying an electric current. I, too, aim to conduct another kind of electricity- Medicine, by pursuing a degree in Biomedical science at The University Of XXXXXXX.

I have a distinct ambition to learn about this subject, especially in regard to Laboratory work and Paramedical processes. I want to have a science based medical degree for this purpose.

For me, gold’s value rests in its qualities and intricacies; in the way its characteristics echo my past accomplishments and represent my ambitions and goals. Adaptability, a willingness to gain new perspectives and knowledge, a corrosion-resisting makeup, and readiness to excel are all revealed in me through a close look at this seemingly simple element. I hope to bring this gold to The University Of XXXXXXXX.

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