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“Different Expectations”

Expectation is a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen and many people in this world have different expectations in their lives. I have had to deal with expectations my whole entire life. I have always been big for my age in my life. Many people have expected me to excel in football when I play and other contact sports. My father has always had high expectations for me.

Ever since I was a little kid my dad has always had great expectations for me. I have an older brother and he was a good athlete but my dad could see that I was the better athlete. I started at a young age playing three sports. I played soccer, basketball, and baseball. My father often coached me in soccer because he was a great soccer player. I guess I was just expected to be a good player because my dad was the coach and I loved doing good because I thought it made him happy. I often did make him happy in all three sports because I played at all three well. I cannot remember one game in my entire life that my dad did not come to. He always be at all of the games. I loved having an awesome game when he was there. It made me feel good to do good in front of my father. No matter how bad I ever did in a game of any sport he was always there to help me out. I like having him as a coach in only one sport. I am glad he did not coach me in all three sports. I went on to play some of the sports later on.

Seventh grade is when my dad started to realize what a football player I was. I was on a Freshman football team at Randolph High School in seventh grade. I had never played before but I knew what I was doing. Every single play I would go all out and hit people as hard as I could. We had a good team and I ended up starting at center. I played sometimes on defense but I would always play on offense. I strayed away from basketball because I loved football and played baseball to stay in shape. Ever since seventh grade I have loved playing football. I though of it as a way to get all of my aggression out without getting in trouble. My dad realized how good I was at football and he fell in love with the game for my sake. In eighth grade, I was a captain of the team and I started both ways. I already knew things would get better for me because I got accepted to the high school I wanted to go too. I knew I was going to one of the best high school football teams in Massachusetts. I was going to go to Xaverian Brothers High School.

At the end of the eight grade summer, I was happy because football was right around the corner. I started both ways on the Xaverian Freshman football team. It was a learning experience in my high school football career. Sophomore year I was on the varsity team and I started on defense. It was a great learning experience. My dad had really high expectations because I was stating as a sophomore at a great school. This is when he would talk about the super bowls and college. I won a Super Bowl my sophomore year. I thought to myself that this was great and I would have two more great seasons. Junior year came around and we had a good season but we did not go to the super bowl. I knew my dad was upset but not mad. He said we would win my senior year. My senior year came along and we lost to our rival and I knew we were not going to go to the bowl. I was so upset after the game. My teammates and I cried for along time. I walked out of the locker room and saw my dad. I knew he was angry that we lost but he did not talk about the game to me for a long time. My last game in high school football was on Thanksgiving. I had told my father the night before that I was not going to play in college. I had many offers from schools and he thought I would play. We had a huge fight the night before the game about it. I was a senior and it was my last home game so they had a ceremony before the game. The seniors would give a present to their parents. I gave the present to my mom and dad. This is when I realized that my dad did not care about the football. He was happy because I was doing good in life and I was excelling. I hugged him and told him “I love you.” He turned around and said I am so proud of you and everything you have done. This is when I realized why he had these expectations for me. He knew I would do well in everything.

I realized he did not care if we won or lost. He would not care if I never won a game in my life. He just wanted me to do my best and have fun at the same time. He just wants me to have a better life than him. It made him happy to see me do good. It made my dad proud to have a son like me. The athletics just made him happy.

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