Retail Management Questions to ask Manager

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Organization and Management


• What are the core values of your company?


• How do you forecast what will and won’t sell?

• What are some of the company’s goals and objectives?

• What are the company’s policies? (how are they enforced?)


• What are the lines of authority and responsibility of the company? (strategic, merchandise, store, administrative management?)

• Do you have job descriptions?


• Do you have any kind of incentives for motivating employees?

• What is done to boost the morale of employees?


• What are some of the job requirements for a position at the store?

• What type of training is implemented for new employees?

• How much empowerment is givem to employees?


• What kind of system is used to control inventory?

• What kind of quality check is done to merchandise before being sold?

• What is the turnover rate of inventory?

• How much back up stock do you hold?



• How is the assortment and variety of merchandise determined?

• How important is branding to the company?

• What has to be done to acquire a brand?


• What kind of pricing strategies are used?

• What are factors that effect the pricing of products?

• What price adjustments if any are made to the initial retail price?


• What forms of advertising are used?


• How was the location for the store decided?

• What issues were considered in determining the location?

Target Market

• Who is the target market?

• How does your retailer select the target market?

• How is the store developing a competitive advantage over other competitors to reach this specific market?

Product positioning

• How do you decide what goes on the end of the isle?

Customer Relationship Management

Customer database

• What information do you keep on individual customers?

• How do you use your database?

Customer retention

• Why will customers come back to your store?

• Do you have services that competitors do not have?

• Do you have a loyalty program for repeat shoppers?

• How do you handle people when they are upset?

Cross-selling (salesman outside his department selling something else)

• Are employees encouraged to do some cross-selling?

• Are employees paid on commission?


Processes (supply chain, physical flow of merchandise,

• How long is merchandise in the store before it is on the floor?

• Is seasonal merchandise that is not sold held over for the next year?

• Do you have an option on who supplies?

Inventory (database management, storage, ordering)

• How often do you check your inventory?

• What method is used for counting?

• Where do you store inventory?

• How do you decide how much to order?

• What do you do with inventory that is left over?

Quality (Quality control processes)

• Who decides the quality that is acceptable for the store?

• What can a clerk do if they notice an item is not up to the quality standards of the store?

Finance and Accounting

• Annual report figures Balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, statement of owner’s equity)

• Is the company publicly traded?

• How much of the company is financed through loans?

• Who is held Accountable for the revenues and the expenses you directly control?

• Who sets your annual performance objectives?

• How much business is needed each week to break even

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