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Chapter 1 Introduction

The word is changing constantly and quickly. Everything is changed without noticing you. Last Friday is a good day, but today is Monday, so the rules have been changed. It is therefore that organisation needs to change internally in order to better respond the external change. ¡§The pace of change is increasing - particularly with the advent of the Internet and the rapid deployment of new technologies, new ways of doing business and new ways of conducting ones life¡¨ It should be seen as a continuous workstream and vital aspect of any project, which is impossible yesterday, and possible today , will be out of date tomorrow. So if u come out a idea, just do it quickly or else your competitor will start. It means you have to understand the direction of organizational development. At the same time, accept the change as a opportunity.

Chapter situation and background

Holiday inn, a famous hotel across the United States, and more in other countries, including Canada. It is located at Kansas, Ottawa within walking distance to restaurants and other conveniences.

It provides useful common services and facilities, such as cable TV, Mini bar, Iron, etc. Specially it provides Pcs with Microsoft office applications, printers and much more. ¡§It also has wireless laptop computers for loan so that you may always be ¡¥wired¡¦¡¦.

It is opened in 1 mainly focus on the high-tech industry clients and foreign tourist and spent its first year in operation at near capacity.

Within a year, Ottawa¡¦s hotel industry not only had to deal with a high-tech sector slammed with massive job cuts and falling corporate stock prices but with the tourist chill created by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States..

The structure of Holiday inn can be seen in the diagram below

SWOT Analysis about Holiday inn

o Strengths The first established big hotel in Kanata, Market share and customer royalty is high. Providing various facilities and services, such as sports hall, entertainment place. Keeping good relation with local authority and high-tech industry.

Weakness The staff has not been trained very well, so erratic delivery. The high-tech industry seems to be weak so customers reduce while keeping organization run requiring large amount of capital.

Opportunities Move to new market( traditional market) to advertise itself and absorb attention of traditional customers after implementing the MOC planning.

Threats New hotel has been established and provide the same service as Holiday inn. Staff resist change management afraid of losing job and benefits.

Holiday inn focus on achieving leadership and well being. It is determined to live up to the high expectations of stakeholders. Their correct approach to organizational change has been reflected through the following facts

- Has good relation with social environment and authority

- Their approach is social

- Their environmental reporting is the best among the hotel industry.

Chapter Dealing with Organizational Change

Holiday inn is constantly undergoing change within the organization to cope with high-tech sector customer reduction, new hotels establishing, staff motivation and refurbishing guest rooms. So that their customers receive the highest level of customer service.

Two of significant organizational changes undergone by Holiday inn Canada is that of 000, where all staff underwent an innovative program called ¡§ Creative Service¡¨ that explores challenges faced by the organization. This was a very appropriate action in order for their staff to provide better service and fetching the customers.

Because it targets on the upper end of the market before, having many superb facilities, such as swimming pool, tennis courts, a ballroom, etc. While retaining its reputation for quality and exclusivity, it promote itself much more widely as a leisure complex and should also offer special interest holidays, such as sports coaching, countryside activities, family weekends etc. Also It changed to provide dining and entertainment facilities for non resident groups such as weddings etc.

The factors which would promote the organizational change are

1. Technology

. knowledge management

. population increase

4. global economics

5. culture

6. higher level of education

7. more mental work

8. ability improvement

. social pressure

10. new market

So Holiday inn carefully devised an implementation approach of organizational change project management which has led to successful organizational changes in practice. Even though there is no universally accepted methodology for managing organizational change ( MOC ), Holiday inn took into great consideration academic contributions and the hotel management were able to develop a specific methodology for managing organizational change within their organization ¡§by following and adhering ideas from both the project management and general management principles. ¡§

Project management is the basis for MOC, which is part of the project. ¡§Project manager must be familiar with change management. The success of the project depends on the skill and ability of project manager about MOC.¡¨ So the organizational change can be managed as project, which is the approach taken by Holiday inn. Four important factors for project management are process, knowledge, skill and staff.

The organisational change initiatives taken by the hotel management team took many forms, such as the change of the organisational structure, staffing, its culture and behavioural patterns, introducing development programs and introducing new processes and procedures. They focus on four basic types of organisational change ¡V ¡§individual task behaviour , organisational process, strategic direction and organisational culture.¡¨ Close attention was given to the ¡§better known managerial and human method of change known as organisational development ( OD ) . Diagram presented below

It is important to state the project methodologies adopted by the Holiday inn management. As defined by the Project Management Institute ¡§ A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary means that every project has a definite beginning and a definite end. Unique means that the product or service is different in some distinguishing way from all similar products or services. ¡§ The Hotel management project in organisational change was designed to meet the customer requirements and customer satisfaction.

The organisational change project currently undertaken by the Holiday inn management team is very complex and deals with both ¡§ hard¡¨ and ¡§soft¡¨ issues. ¡§ Hard being further constructions and renovations done to various facilities and building and ¡§ soft¡¨ issues dealing with changes in structure and staffing of the organisation and creating new services and facilities.

The changes in some of Holiday inn initiatives are directly related to its organisational change projects. ¡§ Flexibility¡¨ was accepted in order to adapt to both internal and external influences directly related to changes such as engineering repairing. Dealing with customer complaints politely and knowing the competitors very well, their targeting customers, services provided, the degree of convenience of facilities. The hotel management took into consideration that the goals and methods to achieve organisational change can be defined precisely at the start.

Chapter 4 The Organizational Change Project

In order to establish better management control, Holiday inn divided its organisational change project into several project phases. Each phase is marked by the completion of one or more set deliverables which tend to be tangible.

Project lifecycles within the organizational change project may widely vary. The main life cycle approach adopted by the hotel management is based on the four phases described below

The processes of organisational change can be fitted into this four phase model, the holiday inn management proposed to test most aspects of the life cycle for organisational change project undertaken in the four following primary phases ¡§

Phase 1 Forming ¡V the organisational change project

Phase Designing ¡V the organisational change project

Phase Implementing ¡V the organisational change project

Phase 4 Finalizing ¡V the organisational change project

The above primary phases are a starting point for the management of organisational change projects undergone by Holiday inn.

The four stages within each of the diagrammed phases become

Initiating ¡V processes

Planning ¡V processes

Executing and controlling ¡V processes

Closing ¡V processes.

Holiday inn investigated on how well these phases and stages for managing organisational change projects according to the project management principles.

Once the need for organisational change has been defined, the next stage taken by Holiday inn is the analysis, diagnosis their clients¡¦ needs and wants.

The way of dealing data which reflecting the potential problem of the organisation

Quickly ¡V the value of the data decrease as times go away.

Usually ¡V so the staff have the habit of responding the data.

Precisely ¡V never consider wrong data.

Useful ¡V the data provides the suggestion and opportunity for executives.

In order to appraise the possibilities of change , Holiday inn underwent the

1) Evaluating the desired outcomes

) Choosing the best outcomes

) Examination of the feasibility of proposed change

Upon deciding on the progressing of the organisational change project, Holiday inn allocated tasks to different managerial level of staff members.

A core team was selected by the organization to progress the project. which consists of

- The people which need as resources to take along.

- The people whom the change in Holiday inn is likely to affect.

Once Holiday inn organisational change management team had carefully established and confirmed its project goals, A action plan to achieve these goals was developed. Action plan is one of the other new requirements is training for staff who will deal with customers. People must understand everyday on-the-job expectations, and expectations regarding their role in the process. Change efforts are hobbled unless everyone understands that they are not just able to have an effect, but are expected to. Planning for action and involvement , the questions need to be considered such as who, how and when?

In order to plan for the action and involvement of the activities previously mentioned what, how, and when, the management team had to start with a work breakdown structure ( WBS ) where the work to be done is broken down into detail. It allows specific work to be allocated to the individuals (Who) .

After carefully established and confirmed the project goals, the new team will develop a plan to achieve these goals which will implement them and plan an action which lead to questions of who, how and when.

Having established both ¡§hard¡¨ and ¡§soft¡¨ criteria of success, the standard project management device of locating the priorities of all key stakeholders in a Time-¡§Cost-Quality/Performance triangle¡¨ was used. Empathy, reliability, fault-freeness, honesty, fun, and political sensitivity in relation to the preference of all key stakeholders are being covered in the soft criteria. The management team constructs ¡§win-win solutions in negotiations with the stakeholders to facilitate and implement the task successfully and balance the expectations of the stakeholder¡¦s.

In order to plan for the action and involvement in solving the who, what and when, the work breakdown structure ( WBS ) had to be started to break down the work into detail to allow specific work packages to be allocated to the who.¡¨ The how is solved by using network analysis PERT. The time interval of the individual activities are projected to enable the total project time to be calculated will solve the when. To finish, the who is established trough the distribution of the previously mentioned activities to specific staff by ensuring that there are enough resources to gather at completion date. The planning stages

1. Where are we Now? (beginning)

Holiday inn is at the stage where the economic environment is falling down, Original targeting market has been slashed . the main customer has been cut half.

. Where do we want to be? (Ends)

Recover the occupation rate in 000, gaining profit.

. How might we get there? (Means)

Through training staff, performance management, continuous improvement, and so on.

4. How can we ensure arrival (Control)

Establishing a MOC management team to plan and implement the project.

As change goes on within the organization, Holiday inn management team developed risk development plans such as risk response, risk identification and risk quantification to ensure stability and success.

Also once implementing the MOC, Holiday inn management had to control and execute the actual performance, evaluating performance and taking correct action , such as re-planning.

Chapter 5 Suggestion and recommendation

�Ü Differentiate and segmented the big market into small, detailed market in strategic way.

�Ü Compete with other hotels through fulfilling the request of the customers.

�Ü According to the requirement of the market , providing all sorts of service and facility .

�Ü Design the change project after discussing with customers.

�Ü Organize the staffs responding change quickly and proficiently.

�Ü Manage the organization through leadership, motivation , faith and supporting.

�Ü Explore the information and communication skill sufficiently .

�Ü Form the strategic relation with other organizations voluntarily , not have to.

�Ü Fitting the changing requirements of customers neatly.

�Ü The managing style and service provided to customers need to be more creative.

�Ü Providing much better customer service.

Chapter 6 Conclusion

Holiday inn¡¦s goal was achieved once the MOC project was finalized . In order to maintain that objective, organization have to maintain the continual operation of the organizational change project in order to get prosperity and high revenues with the aid of TQM. ( total quality management).

In order to ensure the benefit of organizational change is obtained, ¡¥ soft¡¦ and ¡¥ hard¡¦ success criteria is established. 4 stages to be followed to reach organization change project within organization.

1) To form the organizational change project

) To design the organizational change project

) To execute the organizational change project

To finalize the organization change project

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