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It is a saying which states that your name can run your destiny, and in my case it seems to be true, but in a different way. If I translate my name in English, it means “obstacle”. Nevertheless, it has not been any obstacle in my life yet which I could not pass. Moreover, any impediment for me means a new challenge. But the biggest accomplishment I have achieved in my life is to have a family and a career. In addition, I dare to say that without the support of my family, I would not have a career.

After I had graduated the Transylvania University as an engineer, I started to work for an American company in Romania. It was a great chance for a new graduate like me to work with many experienced people. Furthermore, the company was at the beginning so everyone worked hard and tried to do his or her best. As there were many projects, sometimes we had to work twelve hours per day. Indeed, it was a very busy period, but there were also many rewards the satisfaction of being part of a successful organization, the recognition our team gained as the most hard-working and professional among all branches, and the unconditional support of my wife. After a while, I started to think about the next step in my career; I had spoken with my wife and she agreed to sustain me for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a result, I started to study for the admission exam. That was a very hard time for everybody since I had been working for eight hours and then had been studying for at least three hours a day. That fact left us just little time for us as a family, but I would say it did worth everything. After the exams I went to the university with my wife to check the results. Even if I knew that I did well on both exams, I was still worried because we were thirty candidates for ten openings. I asked my wife to start and read the non-admitted students’ list. She had read the list, but my name was not there; that was a good sign. Then, we “attacked” the list with the other ten names - the happy admitted students. The biggest reward was to see that I was on top of the list as the first admitted in that program.

Since the first step had been completed, I was anxious to conquer the next one, which seemed to be the most difficult “surviving” along the study sessions with a family and a job. Still, it was not that hard because I enjoyed what I was doing. It was demanding, interesting, and, in the same time, funny. That was also a time when I had to learn that my job was from eight to five, my classes were from six to eight, and the remaining time was for my family. I was also lucky to have the whole support of my wife, who encouraged and sustained me with the “project”. Furthermore, she actually lived the emotions with me at my final thesis presentation. She was out, but not far from the door, trying to hear if I had followed her advice � articulate and firm voice. This experience was beneficial to me for at least two major reasons it provided me with a solid background and it sharpened my research skills. A few months before I finished my Masters, I had been promoted trainer at the company I used to work. Likewise, I was part of the Center for Excellence, which involved research and also participation at almost all of the company’s projects. Therefore, I had the chance to apply the knowledge I had earned during my studies and also to demonstrate that the effort I made was not in vane. In addition, as a reward for all my efforts and my dedication, after a year and a half I was promoted as a Training Manager. That was a big step in my career and also a challenge. I had to learn to be a manager. First of all, I had to learn how to manage my time between participating at meetings and running the department. It was also my responsibility then to insure quality training to each employee.

Then, I would say, I obtained the highest position I could have in that company. Because of this reason, after two years, I started to think more and more of a new challenge in my life. During that period, I was sent in the United States as a CAD consultant at a new company; it was something new and exciting. Moreover, after three months, I received a job offer from that company; after I had discussed with my wife, I accepted it. And it was an unexpected change in our lives since we had to leave everything we had at that time and start all over again - a new country, a new life…

The position I have now here is as a CAD manager. I had and still have to learn a lot about this new job especially because I am dealing with a different culture that I was raised in. Furthermore, this is one of the main reasons for me to choose the MBA program here. It will considerably enhance my knowledge and improve my education, and why should I not “attack” this challenge since I have demonstrated myself that you can have both a career and a family?

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