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Main Characters Jim Glass, Uncle Zeno, Uncle Coran, Mama (Elizabeth Glass), Penn Carson, and Uncle Al.

Setting Aliceville, North Carolina from 15 to 15 (during the depression)

Throughout Jim’s life, he desires to travel up Lynn’s mountain, where his grandfather lives. About a week before Jim was born in 14, his father died, leaving him with his depressed mother.


Jim the boy is a story about Jim Glass, a 10-year-old boy who must live his life without the guidance of his father, but by the guidance of his three uncles- Uncle Zeno, Uncle Coran, and Uncle Al. Throughout the book , these people teach Jim who he is and the value of a dollar during this time.

Through Jim’s journey of life, he wants to grow up very urgently. As he begins to grow, he notices the harsh reality being grown-up brings.

As a gift for his eleventh birthday, his uncles bring him to Lynn Mountain to see his grandfather, Amos, whom he has not seen in his life, but is certainly known by Amos’ mistakes! When he reaches the mountain, he learns that he does not need to grow up. He is still a boy and he wants to live out his life to the fullest before he grows up.

This story taught me that during the depression, a dollar was worth a lot! I didn’t think only a dollar would be worth fighting that much for! For example, when the school fair came, there was a dollar at the top of a sticky, hard to climb pole, and the person who got to the top of the pole first would be able to have the dollar. It was amazing all of the things these 10-year-old boys thought of just to try and get the dollar! This book has certainly taught me how most people can just throw away money and we need to be more useful with what we buy.

The story relates to history because it happened during the depression. During the depression, even a young 10-year-old boy understood some of the things that we as 10 year olds would never be able to comprehend. I am not talking intelligence, also, these boys had much more moral values than we as a society would ever have! The way Jim and his friends would talk to an adult or an older person was with more respect. As a society, we do not respect anyone or anything!

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