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Choice is always influenced by something, this something leads to the choice therefore altering destiny. Choice can be influenced by change, as it was in Pleasantville, by ambition, like the mothers in the documentary “Painted babies”, or by actions and a particular situation in which gives us a different aspect therefore leading to choice-making.

In “The Divine Wind” by Garry Disher the key choices are made by character’s and do not only affect that particular character’s destiny but the consequences of the choice effects the fate of the characters around them. A core decision made which was fatal was the decision made by Michael Penrose to ride on the lugger in the wet season. Zeke Sennosuke Michael’s partner on the ocean “.. Was quietly smoking a cigarette and wasn’t convinced by my fathers enthusiasm” However Zeke followed Michael’s assumed intuition and went out into the rough ocean, leaving his family, leaving Broome, and loosing his life. Michael’s choice effected not only Zeke, Mitsy and Sadako’s life but also his own,“ he sat in darkness, he missed his old active life even though it had ultimately been the source of his greatest guilt and sorrow”

Michael felt responsible for Zeke’s death and filled with remorse he believed he owed the widows something especially Sadako. Michael’s choice to have Mitsy and Sadako stay for their protection was a choice that effected lifestyles and created close relationships. A quote that distinctly portrays the decision-making of this situation was when Jamie Killian was searching Mitsy and Sadako’s house for papers.

“ Should we or shouldn’t we see if Sadako and Mitsy were ok?

If we walked down John Chi lane now, free men, Europeans, wouldn’t’ it be seen as flaunting our freedom and superiority.”

The result of this choice lead to the protection of Mitsy and Sadako’s life and privacy.

The final core choice in “the Divine Wind” is made by Hartley Penrose and poses the situation of life and death situation again however Hartley has a choice in the occurrence.

“I gazed at him. I could let him die. I could let him drown or burn or be tugged beneath the deep by a man-eater, His hand rose. I took it”

This is incredibly momentous as it shows the decision-making as well as the consideration of the consequences.

“Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening describe a world offering perfect, quiet and solitude existing side by side with a realisation that there is another, world, a world of people, responsibilities and social obligations. The character remembers the promises he has to keep; the miles to travel, and the call of responsibility prove stronger than the attraction of the woods. The ascription of “lovely” to this scene, effacing snow and black night complicates rather than alleviates when considering how pervasive the connotations of dangerous isolation and menacing death are. “Stopping by the Woods on a snowy night” stages its play of opposites between night and day, storm and hearth, nature and culture, individual and group, freedom and responsibility. Therefore it is the choice of personal involvement over withdrawal and death.

The choices mothers of beauty pageant competitors make affect the young girl’s childhood and autonomy. Brooke Breedwell was a five-year-old girl pushed forward and exploited by her mother, turned to adult ambitions and fantasies while still an infant. However the phenomenon of child beauty contests would not be possible without the intutionalised subordination of the child. The remarkable degree of control they have and exert over the child’s body, moreover the choice of act the child is taught to perform. The acts performed pose a sexual demeanour- this is inappropriate for their age group. Although parents have complete control over their children’s bodies and minds, training the children to think that beauty pageants are all they have to aim for, Brooke had a significant amount of control over her parents. At this age a child should not have such a huge responsibility put on them and the pressure of early maturity, they should just live the natural life of innocence and purity. Mother’s have the best intentions but their choices for their child are not very nurturing.

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