Beowulf, the Medieval Hero

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As legends and tales played a big role in entertainment in the days before TV’s and even radios, there were many fables that worked their way into the lives of people, especially in the medieval ages. Of those characters in the legends, there were also heroes, who were usually portrayed as fearless, valiant people. Although there were many characters that were considered heroes, I believe that Beowulf, from the historic tale Beowulf, makes the best hero.

Beowulf is a hero because of his heroic traits. For example, when Beowulf addresses the kingdom of Herot, he says, “My purpose was this to win the goodwill of your people or die in battle” (0-1). Beowulf has great altruistic qualities. He is willing to die in the grip of a horrendous monster for a kingdom of people to whom he has little relation. In addition, when he hears of the mishaps at Herot, “Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find…he knew the sea would point the prow to that distant Danish shore” (11-14). Beowulf is courageous. He is willing to put his own life at risk because he feels he must do his duty and protect the people of Herot. Beowulf wins the affection of the kingdom the way a true hero would.

Beowulf is also a hero because of his values. For instance, when Beowulf tells the king what he has come to do, he says, “That I alone and with the help of my men may purge all evil from this hall” (165-166). Beowulf values victory. He tells the people that what he comes to do is conquer the evil monster Grendel, and that is exactly what he plans to do. In addition, while Beowulf is still boasting to the kingdom, he says that

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“They have seen my strength for themselves, have watched me rise from the darkness of war, dripping with my enemies’ blood” (151-15). Beowulf values strength. He expresses the importance of carrying on and winning the battle with no other obstacles. Beowulf cares enough about the Kingdom of Herot that his heroic values shine through.

In the story Beowulf, the authors wanted us to realize what traits a hero should possess, and a good example of a character that has those traits is Beowulf. He proves himself to have unselfish concern for others, to be courageous, victorious, and strong. Those qualities make it easy to see why he was such an honorable character, and why his legend has continued to exist for so many years.


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