A Hand full of dust

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A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh displays many colliding beliefs through out this novel. The best example is how the characters Tony Last and Mrs. Beaver feel about the social class system of England, which mainly revolves around wealth. Tony Last is a character that has a significant amount of wealth, but does not allow for that to be all he is interested in. However, Mrs. Beaver is very consumed in the social class of England and the wealth that she can obtain. These two characters have very contradicting beliefs about how to live your life with wealth constantly surrounding them. Tony Last does not allow himself to get consumed in this huge art of the social system of England, but Mrs. Beaver does.

Tony Last is a character in this novel that truly cherishes traditions and not wealth. Tony exemplifies those small characteristics of himself so well through out the novel, first by where he lives. He lives in a castle, which holds much importance to him, because the castle represents the old ways of England, such as the feudal system and chivalry. This exemplifies so much about him, because he is told that if he were to sell his home, he would gain great wealth, because the house is worth so much. Although he would be able to be in the social status that Mrs. Beaver enjoys, he didn’t sell the house, because, as said before, tradition is much too important for him. The house he lives in also shows a lot of how he feels about tradition. This is shown well when Mrs. Beaver says, “Twenty years ago people had liked half timber and old pewter.” She is stating that his taste doesn’t quit match that of the modern people of England.

Also, considering the wealth he had, he still enjoyed being able to relate to the average people of the town. That is shown when Tony Last chooses to attend church where all the other town’s people go. By Tony Last attending church, this also shows that morals play a much more important role in his life, than the life of Mrs. Beaver.

Mrs. Beaver is an interior decorator in this novel, and the mother of John Beaver, both of which are very consumed in the amount of wealth one person has. Mrs. Beaver shows that she only has concern for herself and the wealth she has; she has little concern for the people of the lower class. This is shown very well on the very first page of the book, when she speaks of a house fire. First, Mrs. Beaver is asked if anyone was hurt, and her reply was, “No one I am thankful to say, except two housemaids who lost their heads and jumped through a glass roof into the paved court.” This line shows the exact opposite of Tony Last, because she has so few morals compared to him. Also, she sees no importance of the people of the lower class, and does not involve herself with them; therefore, she and Mr. Last vary differently because of his interaction with the town’s people.


Secondly, Mrs. Beaver says, “The fire never reached the bedrooms I am afraid. Still, they are bound to need doing up, everything black with smoke and drenched in water and luckily they had that old-fashioned sort of extinguisher that ruins everything.” Mrs. Beaver is thankful of this fire because this is an opportunity for her to accumulate some business and of course earn money. When she is hired, Mrs. Beaver always re-decorates the houses very modern, showing her lack of beliefs in tradition. She decorates the interior of houses with very flashy objects, which is a very different style of Tony Last’s house.

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