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Perrault’s fairytale “Master Cat, or Puss in Boots” deals with the initial difficulty of a young boy who meets his independence for the first time when his father, a poor Miller, dies. The only estate that is left to him is a cat. Through the cat’s action, the boy is brought through to the transformation of the hero. In Grimm’s fairy tale “Hansel and Grethel”, two orphan children are left on a quest for survival because their father and stepmother abandoned them in the forest. Together both children, through their survival strategies, transform into the heroes of the story. The social roles that constrain both the young boy and Hansel and Grethel are Family, Class and child-like state of being. Moreover, the social roles that connect the young boy to Hansel and Grethel posit a value in establishing the thematic meaning of coming of age within the short stories.


The young boy in “Master Cat” is trapped and defined by his lower-class socioeconomic status. When his father, a poor miller dies, he is left nothing but a cat. Through the loss of the family, this demonstrates that the boy suffers the knowledge needed to survive, especially at such a young age. Fending for himself, the boy thinks that he should eat his cat for survival. “But for my part, when I have eaten up my cat, and made me a muff of his skin, I must die with hunger” (11). This statement by the boy reinforces the fact of his naivet� to the outside world. It also says that he realizes his poor status and thinks that his short coming of survival for he has no other means. In similarity to the young boy, Grethel at one point says to Hansel ‘it is all over for us” (4) With their father who struggles with work and responsibility the children are left to starve in a forest since he cannot provide enough food for them. The similarities between the two stories show that the children are trying to survive by their own wits. In the “Master Cat” the boy uses the cats trickery and in “Hansel and Grethel”, the children outsmart the witch.


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• Through the abandonment of the family, both Hansel and Grethel and the young boy are left to survive on their own.

• In Hansel and Grethel, the father is weak but loves the children. The step-mother is very evil and wants to abandon the children due to the poorness they have encountered.

• The children are left vulnerable but the initiation of action comes from Hansel, who becomes the father figure that is missing in this fairy tale. Just as the cat takes on the role in Puss ( Male dominant role)

• Hansel takes on the work and responsibly of survival for him and his sister.

• The young boy must show his independence because his father is dead. The young boys independence becomes apparent with the cats strong will to live

• This makes the boy more vulnerable because of his child-like state of being.


• Since the family structure is absent from these childrens lives, they must move away from their child-like sense of play to assume work in order to survive. PLAY IS MAKE BELIEVE; AND THIS IS REAL LIFE FOR THEM….THIS IS WORK FOR LIFE, FOR SURVIVAL

• In Hansel and Grethel, Hansel takes on the traditional role and becomes the father figure. This is evident the responsibility is eveident when he doesn’t give up….when…………………………………………………………………………..

• In “Master Cat”, the cat assumes the responsibility to help the young boy prosper. This is evident when……………………………………………………………………….

• Through struggle and endurance both Hansel and Grethel are able to survive. GIVE CONCRETE EXAMPLES


Hansel is underestimated when he looks back on the house so that he can create a path to follow. His tricks his stepmother into believing he was looking at a cat, meanwhile he was creating a path

• “Of course Hansel had not been looking at his kitten, but had been taking every now and then a flint from his pocket and dropping it on the road”(44) This is repeateD two times when the evil stepmother underestimates him. Hansel is adaptable and uses another trickery story. This is also present when the cat in “Puss in Boots” tricks the KING into believIng that the once poor boy, has……………….


The children in both of these short stories become no longer vulnerable. They are able to care for themselves. Through the anxiety and fear created in their lives, the children are able to gain strength as time goes on HOW? BE SPECIFIC

The above components are a strong indicator that the children no longer needed to rely on the parenting figure for their existence. The children had learnED to become independant.changes that provoked anxiety and fear ended up good fortune is possible. Through the cat, the young boy was able to break free of the social roles that constrained him. This is similar to hansel nd grethel who were trapped and defined by the social roles placed upon them. In the end, both of these fairy tales concluded with heroes

WHAT IS A HERO? Spelling needs lots of checking.

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