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The war on Iraq was motivated by a new military doctrine Rapid Dominance, in which superior American tactics and technology in the areas of precision weapons, communication and special operations could enable the US to prevail in any military conflict with a minimum of casualities. The events of October , 1 in Mogadishu, Somalia showed how easily American superiority could evaporate, leaving our soldiers to fight a bloody battle against a determined opponent. Black Hawk Down tells that story.

UN Peacekeepers came to Somalia in response to a humanitarian crisis. The soldiers were initially welcomed, and were successful at feeding the hungry and getting men with weapons off the streets. The US wasnt satistified with the rate of progress, so it implemented an aggresive plan to attack and apprehend leaders of Somali clans, particularly the Habr Gidr clan led by Mohammed Farrah Adid. Opposition grew after a US missle attack killed more than 50 clan leaders who were trying to negotiate a peaceful solution.

The October operation went bad from the very beginning, with one army Ranger falling 70 feet from a helicopter. Special Operations forces managed to capture several of Adids Lieutenants as planned, but the Somalis were successful at using Soviet rocket propelled grenades to shoot down four Black Hawk helicopters, two of which fell over the city. Black Hawk Down describes in detail the battle in which 1 US troops were killed, more than 70 injured as well as hundreds of Somalis killed.

In the end, nobody won the war in Somalia. Defeated, the US withdrew. Many Somalias were proud to repell a foreign invader, but the country is wracked with poverty, chaos and fighting today, despite the death of Adid in 16.

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Although a Hollywood production twisted it into a propaganda piece, Bowdens book is a reasonably fair account of the horrors of modern war, and is worthwhile ammunition for anyone frustrated by chickenhawks and armchair generals who think were on the verge of a new American Empire in which the US will be able to work its will anywhere in the world. Although Bowden doesnt particularly dewell on it, I was particularly stuck by Black Hawk Downs description of the dehumanization caused by war, both on the Somali side and on the US side, where simulation training techniques have remarkably increased US soldiers willingness and ability to kill at the cost of long-term mental illness.

Title Black Hawk Down; A Story of Modern War

Author Mark Bowden

Publisher Atlantic Monthly Press

Year 1

humen beings

Authored by Pete Boardman on Monday, June 16 00

We still do not count the people that we kill, main, impoverish, and poison. We lost less than 100 in the Black Hawk Down escapade. The Somalies lost hundreds. But the Somalies are not people to us and we do not even inquire about their health, let alone their deaths. We lost less than three hundred soldiers in the latest war on Iraq. There is no number atributed to the number of Iraqis that we killed with our smart bombs, our anti-personnel bombs, our cluster bombs. We do not inquire after the number of dead, let alone of their health. We do not do unto others as we would have others do unto us. The body count of civilians is now between 5500 and 700. But the number of soldiers, boys conscripted into the totalitarian governments military, must have been in the tens of thousands.

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