science h.w. # 10

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There once lived a little boy who had a happy life until one day his mom got very sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Everyday he would talk to his mom and ask her not to die, he would tell her that he couldn’t picture him life without her by his side. His mom did die after about a year and the child went into a depression. Then one day he saw an unfamiliar animal walking but and he calmly walked outside and saw that where was a old white haired guy sitting on it and talking to the animal.

The next day he again saw the same animal this time he cam up to the old man and asked how he was able to sit on the animal with the animal being so gentle to him. The man told him a story about how he was a young boy and whenever he would have a problem he would always talk to this horse named Snow. The child soon learned that the man had experienced such problems that the boy is experiencing rite now being lonely and feeling like nobody needs him.

After the boy knew that the man knows what he is going through he asked the man if he would be willing to let the boy ride the horse and become friends with the horse.

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The next day the boy went down the block to a stable where there where many horses, there he saw the old man and the man told him to pick out nay horse he wished to ride. The boy picked a very beautiful golden horse.

Soon the man told the child to get on the horse and the child was at first resistant and scared of the horse, but the man told the boy not to worry and that soon the horse would be his best friend.

So the story continued the boy and horse grew closer and closer soon the boy told all his secrets and problems to the horse and this helped the boy relieve all his anger and become a better person. When it came time for the winter the boy couldn’t imagine living a whole months without talking to the horse so everyday after school the boy would go to the stable and clean and talk to the horse.

Then one day the boy came to the stable and went looking for the man, there was no trace of the man or the horse that he rode. He decided that the stable manager must know where the elderly man went, so he went to the manager and asked about a 5, ’ elderly male with white hair. The stable manager told him that this kind of person had never worked at the stable.

The boy didn’t know what to think so he went to talk to the horse to reveal his feelings about the missing man and when he got to the horses stable he found the door open and the horse waiting for him outside the stable so he decided to take the horse home to keep him company. On his way out he came up to the manager to ask if it was ok for him to take the horse and the manger asked what horse, the boy said the one right here. The stable man said “whatever” jus get out of here. So the boy took the horse home and they lived happily ever after.

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