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Ian McEwan has made the reader aware of many important themes, which are

presented to us in his novel “Enduring Love.” He is able to demonstrate to us through

unique characterisation, how thin the line between love and madness is. McEwan

also reveals to us through character relationships the fragile of love and it’s importance of trust.

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McEwan presented to the readers the importance of how thin the

line between love and madness is. He did this through characterisation of a main

character, Jed Parry. Parry was a witness to a ballooning accident, which sparked off

De Carambaults within him and his victim was to be Joe Rose another witness at this

incident. Parry started by writing love letters to Joe like a true romantic, explaining

his past and pronouncing his love for Joe, “I adore you.”

Parry also talks about how he covered five pages of paper, with Joe’s name. This is

quite normal for anyone in love. However Parry proves to us how easy it was for him

to go from in love to madly in love, when he believed Joe left him a message on a

bush. To Joe this was him brushing his hand over a bush as he walked past. To Parry

it meant, “Through rain and leaves and skin, the pattern woven through the skein of

Gods sensuous creation unfolding in a scorching sense of touch.”

Parry’s obsession for Joe did not stop there as his love got to the point of

hatred, when Parry tired to have Joe killed. The strange thing was when

Parry returned the next day to Joes house to ask for forgiveness. “It was insanity Joe.

I want you to forgive me.”

These events and feelings of Parry were presented so well through Ian McEwans’

ability to write Parry’s character. It made understanding and seeing the thin line

between love and madness easy.

The thin line between love and madness was not just revealed to us through Parry, but

also Jean Logan. She is a minor character who shows us even rational people have

moments when there love turns to insanity. Mrs Logan was the wife of the only

casualty in a ballooning accident. Her grief is quickly turned into obsession and

hatred, when she believes that her husband was only there because he was having an

affair. Joe tries to explain to her that if he was having an affair that the

women would probably come to see her out of guilt. Mrs Logan then proclaims, “I’ll

kill her. God help me, but I will.”

These are very disturbing words to come out of a rational, mothers mouth,

but it was just one of the moments of madness for her. Through the Characterisation

of this minor character we are able to see the thin line between love and madness in a

clearly normal rational lady, this shows us it can happen to anyone.

McEwan was able to reveal to the reader how fragile love is and how it is important to

trust in a relationship. McEwan does this through Joe and Clarissa relationship,

when there love is tested after they were witness to a nasty ballooning accident.

Due to mistrust there relationship started to suffer, showing just how fragile there love


Clarissa did not believe another man was stalking Joe, to the point where she said, “I

thought him as a creation of your imagining.”

Even when she realised Parry was not just his imagination and parry had her at

knifepoint, she decided it was his fault. “You saved my life, but perhaps you put my

life in jeopardy.”

This mistrust was not one sided as Joe became very irrational and thought Clarissa

was having an affair. Joe started to spy on Clarissa and that seem to be the breaking

point and there relationship broke up. This shows us that their relationship was

fragile and because of there mistrust it was exposed.

In conclusion to Ian McEwans’ novel, “Enduring Love,” I feel he has a great ability to

present themes through characterisation and Character relationships. The thin line

between love and madness was an excellent example of it, in an insane man and a

rational woman. The fragility of love and its mistrust seemed to go hand in hand for

Joes and Clarissa’s relationship.

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