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Pollution is an environmental infectivity with man-made waste. The two main types of pollution are air and water pollution. Air pollution destructs our ozone layer that gives us a severe heat. Oil, toxic waste, and other noxious chemicals are the cause of water pollution. This will have an effect on all living things underwater. All of us are affected by the pollution in our environment. Thousand of people died because of the illness we usually get in polluted nature. People and animals are dying, plants are not growing up, and our environment is ruined. Mount Pinatubo, the most active volcano in the Philippines, made a lot of damaged in the Philippines. Also, this pollutes the air and the water that became a source of different diseases.

Pollution affects my family and me in the same ways. When Mount Pinatubo exploded on the night of June 11, 11, more than five hundred people died and thousand were injured and became homeless. When it was erupted, my family was celebrating my cousin’s seventh birthday. I can still remember that I was talking to my dad outside our home when I felt like raining ashes. When I look up the sky, I could not open my eyes because of the ashes. The next day, nobody could drive because the dusts are all over the place. I could not even see the people that are only five meters away from me. After two weeks in that situation, I got asthma. I was rushed to the hospital because I could not breathe. I was hospitalized for few days before we moved to our province. The air and water pollution increased enormously. Five in our family got asthma, including my grandfather who died few months ago because of that illness. It is really hard to be on that situation. We could not get out of the house because of the dusts. After one year, Mount Pinatubo blasted again, causing more destruction and lost of human life. I had asthma for six years, but my other family members still have it up to now.

Pollution affects our life, environment, and future. Most of the time, pollution comes from waste, vehicles, and big companies. We just could not stop them because they have the power to make the impossible to possible. It happens all the time, but not with Erin Brokovich. Erin, a mother of three children and an encouraging reminder of the power of the human strength, saved the life of all the people in her society. She fought for their rights against the PG&E Company concerning the contaminated water in their local community. This water pollution causing different kinds of diseases in her neighbors, but nobody wants to fight them because of lack of power and money. Erin Brokovich got a chance to fight them when her lawyer Ed Masry hired her in his law firm. People are dying and most of the children are sick because of the contaminated water comes from PG&E. Erin and Ed battled to them, and they made them pay $ million, the biggest payment ever paid in a direct-action court case in American history.

People are the only one to blame for this problem. We are the one who made this; on the other hand, we are the one who can solve it. We have to do everything we can to avoid it. There are lots of ways to avoid this problem and one of them is recycling. God gave us everything we needed, but nobody is protecting it. We need to cooperate in our government in protecting our mother nature. If we do not protect our environment, time will come that everyone of us will leave in a place like hell.

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