Pink Elephant

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I strongly disagree with the statement that we are owned by our objects. The

object that I treasure has no material value what so ever only emotional value.

This object that I treasure so deeply is a pink stuffed toy elephant. He is this huge pink elephant with this periwinkle collar around his neck. The one thing on this pink elephant that means the most to me is his deep black eyes which is what I would look into and imagine a better future for me. This pink elephant was my only friend and the only “ person” I could talk to growing up.

At the age of one my sister and I was taking away from my biological mom. This would be the last time I would see her and the last thing she would ever give me was that pink elephant. When my sister and I was taken away from my mother the social workers than took us to an orphanage where we lived until I was years old.

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After we left the orphanage we were then taken to our first out of eight foster homes. This foster home would turn out to be instead of a place for us to be loved and nurtured a place where we would be physically and emotionally abused. My little sister got it worst than me. I would try to help her but I was a little guy myself. I would try to tell the social worker but she wouldn’t believe me, I was just a little kid making up stuff. So I turned to my pink elephant. I would talk to him and go to sleep on him. He would be soaked with my tears. Finally we were moved to our second foster home where this time we were not only physically and emotionally abused, but also sexually abused. This was the worst for me. I would try in hide in the closet so he could not come and get me. I would be in the closet holding my pink elephant crying on it. We were finally moved from that home. Where we continued to our third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh foster homes each time being abused, but my pink elephant was always there for me to lean on.

The eighth foster home that I would come to would prove to be the right one for me. When I first walk through the door of this house I was only six years now at the age of 16 I am still here. It was not an easy ride for me I had a lot of problems that had to be worked out. I had huge out bursts and horrible behavior problems, but my parents stood by me and even fought to keep me. They encouraged me and helped me through my tribulations. Now I am a very happy child free from behavior problems. I don’t even have to take medicine anymore!

My stuffed pink elephant sits on my bed. It is a constant reminder of what I have been through and how I overcame it. When I was a little kid I use to look through the eyes of the elephant and I use to picture in those eyes a home free from abuse and people that would love and care about me. Now when I look in the eyes of my elephant I see me exactly where I want to be and a bright future for myself.

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