Peace Breaks Out (Theme)and (Irony)

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The theme of Peace Breaks Out is the pain and hostility of war. The condition of the entire novel is the ending of WW II, which is in contrast to the seemingly peaceful serene environment the Devon School portrays.

In Peace Breaks Out, the whole atmosphere at the Devon School changed as World War II ended. The boys who once eagerly awaited the draft, was somewhat disappointed because they did not play their part in history. The students at the school created new activities to release the anger and hostility that had built up during wartime with their expectancy to enter the war. The influence World War II had on the characters in Peace Breaks Out at the Devon School; was clearly depicted through their actions and activities.

Wexford despised Eric Hochschwender with a deep passion. This was not because he had diverse views and opinions on things; it was because Eric was trying to take his power. Wexford was aware of this from the beginning of the book. When he says, “So you want to be funny. Now I’m going to be funny too, very funny.” By this he was sort of warning Hochschwender to stay out of his way. Hochschwender continued to be an irritant to Wexford, Wexford finally got sick of it. He began thinking of a plan and plotting Hochschwender’s downfall. This downfall turned out to be his bereavement.

) The most significant irony I feel the story has is the setting vs. the actions. It is the senior year for the boys at Devon School. There is uneasy peace for everybody now that the war has ended, a time of friendship was tainted into a stunning time of drama and betrayal. The country is at a time of peace; the boys are looking for a reason for the way they are. Aggression remains in all of the characters that wartime had impelled into them.

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At the beginning of the novel during the first day of class Hochschwender stated his unusual very negative opinions of American History. Most of the boys were offended by his statements but remained speechless with the exception of Wexford. Wexford ignited what became a never-ending conflict between he and Hochschwender. The characters in the book are at a constant brawl, in the classroom on the playing field, and on their ski trip.

The boys were born too late to fight in the war and the world was at peace. The confused boys seemingly made and fought their own war on the Devon campus.

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