New England Vs. Middle Colonies

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During the 17th century New England had a higher standard of living than that of the Middle Colonies. The aspects of life that made the New England Colonies a better place to live are the social, political, and religious life that they carried.

The New England Colonies social life was superior to the Middle Colonies social life. In the New England Colonies people where getting married early and they were producing babies about every two years. A woman could expect the birth of 10 children, and about 8 of the 10 survived. People would typically live longer in the New England Colonies also. This prolonged existence of the people who lived in the New England Colonies resulted in family stability. As stated in Samuel Sewall’s Diary, “[His] marriage established Sewall as one of Boston’s most substantial young men, and helped assure him lifelong membership in New England’s most elite social and political circles”. The Middle Colonies were less inclined to be social. For example when “Franklin arrived in the City of Brotherly Love the American colonies were themselves “coming to life””. This quotation is describing people in the Middle Colonies who are depressed and need something that will cheer them up. The British were not so involved in things like the local government, churches, and networks of trade. This supports the idea that the Middle Colonies did not have direct control, which left matters to the public, thus the Americans realized that they could only depend on themselves for help.

When comparing the political life in the New England Colonies as opposed to the Middle Colonies we can understand that the New England Colonies produce a higher standard for living. As expressed in “Samuel Sewall’s Diary”, “Doleful! Witchcraft! George Burrough, John Willard, John Proctor, Martha Carrier and George Jacobs were executed at Salem, a very great number of Spectators being present.” This quote expresses the kind of role that Sewall plays politically in New England. Although New England was harsh in implying its daily political tactics its still was effective in everyday life. In the passage “Mary Dyer A Quaker Martyr”, while trying to enforce her political policies Mary Dyer does not get her point across and is rather executed. This accounts for the Middle Colonies lesser standard of living in everyday political life.

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In the New England Colonies church was a dominant society, whereas in the Middle Colonies religion wasn’t enforced as much. In New Engalnd Samuel Sewall would always go to church. Furthermore, every time anyone would die Sewall would attend his or her funeral and prey excessively for them in order to pay his religious respect. The people of the Middle Colonies were more involved in beliefs than preyers. As Mary Dyer states “Of whom take ye counsel? Search with the light of Christ in you, and it will show you of whom, as it hath done with me and many more…”

These obvious distinctions between the New England Colonies and the Middle Colonies shows why the New England colonies had a higher standard of living.

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