My Horrible Vacation

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Planning a vacation is one of the most exciting moments in my life but one thing that I didn’t realize was that times change and people grow up. That’s exactly what happened in the summer of 00. I was on the verge of graduation, excited and ready to go. There was no limit on how much fun I was going to have or how long I was going to be on vacation. Even though I was leaving for two months, and leaving my parents behind. It felt great to know that I was going to go back to the place where I had been before as a child, to the place from which I have so many wonderful memories. Don’t get me wrong, Colombia, South America is a beautiful country but the time that I spent there as a child was with the company of my cousins and friends. We were all kids and all had great times together. This time everyone was grown up with responsibilities, school and work. There were far to busy to keep me company.

What I expected to do while I was visiting was to party with my cousins, hang out with my old friends and probably tour some nice places. Starting with the very first night that I arrived I knew my vacation was going to be one from hell. I heard my aunt call a doctor and talk to her. She said, “I have a big problem. My niece just got here from USA and she literally looks like a pig.” I had already known that my aunt was going to help me lose some weight but the fact that she referred to me as a pig hurt me badly. I started to cry as soon as I heard her say those words. From this point my all of my expectations for my trip were shot down the drain. I knew it wasn’t going to end up like I wanted it to.

I felt better the following morning. I was eager to get out of that house and have some fun. I called my cousins and they all said they couldn’t see me because they had too much work to do. Then I found out that most of my old friends were gone. Some died. Some moved away. I went to visit one that I was told still lived where I remembered. He recognized me as soon as he saw me. It was a little bit awkward at first but then we started to get to know each other again. He had to go to meet up with some friends but he said he would stop by my aunts house and take me out to a club.

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I went to my aunts house as a soon as we finished talking. I sat down and turned on the TV and found out that she only had channels and they were all the news. I had to sit there and watch that because I didn’t have anything else to do. My aunt would never really talked to me about anything. She always looked at me with disgust and I was too shy to ask her what her problem was. After all I was under her roof and her rules.

This is when I started counting the days, the hours, the minutes and the seconds. 61 days. Every single day went by like a year to me. What I ended up doing on my whole vacation was a big fat nothing. All day, everyday I would get up at 10am, drink a weight loss juice that my aunt insisted on me drinking, take a cold shower because there was no hot water, get dressed and sit on the couch for a long day of the news .

The food was horrible. Especially since I had to be on a diet. My aunt would only give me salad a piece of meat for lunch everyday and the rest of the day I had to eat fruits. My only problem was I saw where my aunt bought the meat. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. A sweaty, dirty and fat man would unload the meat himself . He didn’t use gloves or anything else. I saw him stick a piece under his arm. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When we went into the market all the meat was mounted on dirty hooks. There were flies everywhere and stray dogs praying for someone to drop a piece for them. Do you really think I would eat that? No way in hell. I think this is why I lost 5 lbs.

My mother called me everyday to make sure I was ok. I cried to her so many nights telling her how I missed my house, my room, my car , my bathroom and just the fact that I have hot water and cable at my house made me miss it even more. Days passed and my daily routine didn’t change at all. I didn’t want to venture out of my aunt because my aunt told me not to. She had some neighbors that were kid napped because they were telling everyone they just got back from USA. Men in masks went to their house asking for the dollars. A dollar here may not be worth much but in Colombia its worth almost triple what would be their dollar. I lived a lot of days in fear because of this. I really stuck out like a sore thumb with my different style of clothes and my different attitude.

Then finally, the day came that I had to leave. This was a very exciting day for me. I was was going home! I got on that plane and didn’t look back. No one could take this happiness away from me. I sat down in my seat and closed the blind. A lady then followed and sat down next to me and introduced herself. Then she started talking to me about how she’s eager to jump in bed with her husband because the man she had an affair with in Colombia wasn’t as good in the bed as her husband. She kept going on and telling me more in detail about this until I finally asked her to stop because I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t mean for it to come out rudely but oh well. When they played the movie on the plane. This lady next to me wouldn’t stop laughing. She was almost falling off her seat because she was laughing so hard. She was the most annoying person on the plane and she was sitting next to me. Just my luck but it was ok. I was coming home.

The plane finally landed and I was hom. I learned my lessonlol um when you plan a vacation make sure that you have things to do while your there and not end up stuck like I was for months. Now I really know what they mean when they say your home is where your heart is.

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