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Jean-Honore Fragonard was in Grasse, France, on the 5th of April in 17. His

father was a merchant. When Jean was six, he moved with his family to Paris. There he

fell in love with painting. In 1756 Fragonard attended a French academy in Rome. Jean

studied under many artists, but the main three were Jean Baptiste, Simeon Chardin, and

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Carle Van Loo. Most of his paintings were sold to nobility. In 178, when the French

Revolution broke out; Jean’s career was destroyed because the nobles could no longer

pay his salary. After the Revolution, Fragonard’s lighter, pastel style and his aristocratic

subjects were looked down upon. Fragonard didn’t adjust to the new painting styles, so

he died a poor man in Paris on August nd, 1806.

Jean Fragonard was a painter during the Rococo period. The painting Diana and

Endymion was painted in 175. The painting contains a cupid, two sheep, a dog,

Endymion, and Diana. The two sheep and the dog belong to Endymion, who is a

shepherd. The cupid boy follows Diana around. Diana is the goddess of the moon and

protectress of the hunt.

Diana the goddess of the moon and chastity rarely fell in love. One night she

was riding cross the blackened sky and noticed a shepherd boy, Edition, asleep under

an oak tree. It was love at first sight. Ashamed of her fondness of the mortal, she gave

him a gentle kiss and rode off in her chariot quietly. Soon, Diana began to neglect her

duties. The gods spied on Diana because she was often absent from the skies. In a short

Courtney Barrett

humEng/per. 8

Mr. Bournes

March 1, 00


Raging winds flow through peaceful valleys. The aberrant skies cry rivers of apathetic tears. It is monsoon season! A monsoon is a wind system that influences large climatic regions and reverses direction seasonally. Asiatic monsoons produce dry and wet seasons in India and South Asia. This atypical weather comes around once a year, directly after summer. Even though these unpredictable storms obtain the power of life and death, monsoon season have its advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes summer temperatures can soar to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. While India is literally baking, the citizens blissfully await the coming rains. Even though a monsoon is unpredictable the people of India can’t wait for the cool rains to come to save them from the inferno’s heat. Indian people believe water is precious and valuable and should taken for granted or wasted. In the video our class recently watched, the common people of India were found rejoicing in the streets because the rain season had come. Monsoon’s can be the savoir to a farmer’s crop. The heat from the hot summer caused the torrid ground to dry and crack. The monsoon helps irrigate the crops the farmer has been impatiently awaiting. The direction in which the fierce winds blow the imperturbable is very merciful! All of India isn’t sultry, but this doesn’t include the southern part of India. When the monsoon starts it sweeps though the south of India to the north and back down again. For the people that live in southern India the Monsoon season is a blessing that cools them off form sweltering temperatures.

On the other hand monsoon season can rapidly turn into a beast of destruction at a moments notice. It causes countless problems for certain citizens. Fishermen aren’t able to fish because of the untamed waters. In the film, it shows the difficulty one has to go through to fight the mighty currents. Monsoon season usually last four months. If it rains too much then a deluge will occur. This can cause the farmer to lose his crops because of too much water. Sometimes monsoon season bring death. When it floods families lose family members and homes. Some people get trapped and along with their submerged homes, they drown.

Monsoon season is a prime example of cultural ecology. Cultural ecology is the study of how cultures adapt to their environment. Even though monsoon season has a 50% chance of death or prosperity, the people of India have chosen to stay put. In order to accomplish this difficult task one must been patient and ready to expect ant type of bizarre events. Many people have adapted to monsoon season. Instead of living in a valley some people live on a hill or higher up. Farmers have learned when to put their seeds down and when no to. Around monsoon time some fishermen may have found alternative jobs for the four months to sustain a standard quality of living.

Monsoon season is truly a guessing game. It can rain blessing upon the Indian population or unleash its wrath. All in all, Monsoon season is like a relationship, there will be good and bad times, but it is always worth the experience!

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