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In world that is predominately influenced by the media it is a wonder that schools have not turned to media as a teaching resource. The media, which has grown vastly since the 10s, has infiltrated virtually every household in North America and continues to attack homes all across the world. This growing dominance needs to be slowed down or adjusted as the mass media is bringing more garbage into the homes of people today than ever before. This garbage should be a growing cause for concern as studies and employees of the mass media frenzy show that it is desensitizing members of our society towards violence.

The views of people who are employed by the media should be cause enough for concern to get rid of this garbage which bombards us every day. These people are speaking up against the very people that feed them as they see the reality, that is they do influence people and are continually desensitizing society towards violence. Look at Tom Cruise who has played roles in Minority Report and Mission Impossible, both of which are filled with violence. In life, he limits the amount of time he lets his children watch television as he can actually see the difference when they watch too much television in terms of their education… their attention span, their behavior. (Pg.10 April 00) Amazing, television can cause even Tom Cruises children to have a change in their behavior. So what, you say, everybody has a change in behavior it does not mean the media is responsible for it. Guess what, you would be wrong as a group of young fans mimicked a scene (from Jackass The Movie) in which people destroyed property while joyriding in golf carts. (Pg. 11, April 00) Clearly these fans had been desensitized to the effects this violent action could have, as in the movie the same action would get a laugh. In real life it probably gave the fans a laugh at first, but ten thousand dollars later they probably were not laughing. If that is not bad enough British culture minister Kim Howells takes just one look at the games and movies that entertain his kids and sees that it is the lowest common denominator, which is a kind of vicarious pleasure in spilling blood. (Pg. 10, August 00) The fact that these children and young people are finding pleasure and amusement in violence shows that movies and games are deteriorating societys view of violence and making it and everyday thing.

Moreover, studies have been coming out more often now pointing towards violence in media causing aggression, which in turn desensitizes members of our society. In a study done by the American Psychological Association shows that violent lyrics not elevate aggressive thoughts, but can in turn instigate a more aggressive response, verbal or physical…In plain English violent tunes can breed violent individuals and a hostile culture. (Pg. , June 00) This increase in hostility through music is in turn desensitizing society towards violence, as it is becoming a part of our lives. For instance road rage was not an issue twenty years ago, now you can not go for more than a week without hearing about another incident. If this information is not compelling enough take a look at a fourteen-year boy in Paducah, Kentucky. According to Lt. Col. David Grossman when he brought a . caliber pistol to school he acted out a set of conditioned responses. He walked in, planted his feet, posted the gun in a two-handed stance. A blank look came over his face. He opened fire… He was playing a video game. (Pg. , August 1) If that is not a desensitized member because of media, no other person could be. The sad part is he is only one of the millions of people who have been desensitized towards violence by the media.

This situation of violence in the media, desensitizing members of our society will only continue to get worse until society takes a stand. If we do not stop this downward spiral the world will be filled with more people like the class in which the teacher uses the movie Gettysburg (to teach about the Civil War). In one scene, a cannon is fired at point blank range… His young class laughed. (Pg. 4, August 1) This is unacceptable because those events were not amusing, they were the truth and they should be remembered with respect. So the next time violence is the topic of the media tune out and not in.

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