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Most people in Shakespearian times were strong believers in witches, witchcraft, the supernatural, heaven and hell. One of the strongest believers was King James, and so William Shakespeare included them in many of his plays. The audiences also loved to watch his plays and were intrigued to see the story of Macbeth, a story of ambition and kingship where you have the witches foretelling the future followed by Macbeth and other characters playing it out. The phrase “fair is foul and foul is fair” is no exception to this as this is how the story becomes.

Macbeth is the story of a man whose ambition to be king gets out of control. It shows the devastation that real power can cause when held by an untrustworthy person and the true nature of evil and its followers. It shows the effects of guilt and conscience, and their battle with ambition.

The three witches are a gathering of old, deformed women stereotypical of what a Shakespearian audience would expect to see. Their language is very confusing with many oxymorons and contradictories. “Fair is foul and foul is fair”, “Lesser than Macbeth, and greater” (Act 1, Scene , Line 6) and “not so happy, yet much happier” (Act 1, Scene , Line 64) are examples of this. They are used to add intrigue to the story, but at the same time confuse the audience making them raise suspicions. It is not just the witches that use this language, when Macbeth says, “so foul and fair a day I have not seen, (Act 1, Scene , Line 6) he is almost mimicking the witches yet he has not encountered them at that time. This is the first time that what seems to be some sort of mind control by the witches is seen, furthering the audience’s enjoyment. And so this is the start of the building of the bond that links the witches cry to the meaning of Macbeth.

As there is no single ‘right’ way of thinking about the play and its meanings. They can be epitomized at different levels depending on what you yourself define the meaning to be. For example from a historic point of view you could say that the witches cry represents the change from the foul world of the 1500’s to the much fairer democratic world of the 1st century. This would also mean that the suspicions that the witches are able to see if not dictate the future would be freakily true.

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From a psychological point of view, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” could mean the transition from a sane mans thoughts to a man who can think up as sinister a plan as to kill the king and then to enact it. The only people who can save Macbeth from these thoughts are Lady Macbeth and the witches. Lady Macbeth however encourages the changes and is finally getting what she has always wanted. And the witches are the ones that brought this on and are not going to stop.

A political point of view may be the poverty in the public community covered up by a king of elegance and class who they all respect. To kill the king would be to kill god and would be shunted upon by all. Or kingship and the lack there of by Macbeth. He ignores the fact that the current king is a very good one and takes to the throne for his own benefit, rather than the benefit of the country as a whole.

Illusions create a huge part of the play. The dagger is used to show just how much pressure Macbeth is under. When he sees it he shows that he is so desperate for a way out he’s mind creates its own, only adding to his predicament. As does the ghost of Banquo who not only adds pressure to Macbeth but humiliates him as well. This is both the beginning of his reign and the beginning of the end as suspicions are raised for the first time. Lady Macbeth also digs herself in deeper as she is forced to lie in order to keep her position as Queen. Saying that Macbeth is having a fit and that the guests should all leave. With many of the characters hiding their fair and foul faces, they are too creating an illusion to hide a much deeper world of despair. A good example of this is “look like th’innocent flower, But be the serpent under’t.”(Act 1, Scene 6, Line 6)

However the most important lesson in the play could be that you should always stay in control. Because just as Macbeth lost control of his life due to the witches; the witches lost control of his. Resulting in Macbeth and many other characters dieing. So the phrase “Fair is foul and foul is fair” is quite fitting of the plays storyline.

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