Lord of the Flies

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In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, there are three characters portrayed in three totally different ways then they are in the movie Jack, Ralph and Simon.

Simon is a Jesus like character, who is said to be kneeling down to the littluns giving them food, much like Jesus did. He is killed, after carrying down the ‘beast’ over his shoulder much like Jesus did carrying his cross. In the movie version of Lord of the Flies, Simon is not portrayed in quite the same way as Golding had intended. He doesn’t show up as much, so you don’t see all of his kindness. What you do see is him helping the captain, who ends up being the ‘beast’. The director of the movie has done this partly because of the setting of the movie. The book took place during the Second World War, with a bunch of British boys. Because the movie took place in the late 180s and was with American boys, there was no way to have a dead pilot as a beast… or was there?

Simon cared for the captain, their injured pilot who was thought by many to be insane or crazy. The pilot ran away and became in a cave laying and injured. This is the only time in the movie Simon’s kindness came out. This is unfortunate because of the characteristics that Simon had in the book

In the book Jack shows savagery, and a need for power. In the book this point is put across really well, you can tell that he is feared by many people, and that is why the join his tribe. He was originally the leader of the choir boys, who then became the hunters on the island. In the movie he doesn’t seem to show the same power he does in the book. He is much more laid back in the movie, and seems to have more of an appreciation for everything. This might be because he doesn’t have the control over the hunters that he did in the book because there was no hunter group in the movie. Not having that avoided a power struggle that happened in the book between Ralph and Jack.

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In the book the character Ralph shows a lot of morality and want for civilization. He wants to stay civilized, and unlike the other boys, begins work on shelters and other work that needs to be done immediately. In the movie this is not the same. You see more of a laid back, go with the flow leader type of person. Ralph isn’t as morally bound to civilization in the movie as in the book. This is partly because of how the story turns out. The movie isn’t about the power struggle, and the actions and moral bindings of the characters; it’s about them surviving and what they go through.

In the Movie all the boys began knowing each other, and were all dressed the same. That eliminated the element of surprise between characters when they found stuff out about each other. The movie took place in a much different era then the book, and I think that made some of the meaning of the story be lost. I believe that this movie could have been made more like the book, and had more meaning too it. The characters didn’t follow the characters in the book as much as they should of, and I think the director should have spent more time analyzing the book, and reading through it before he did the movie.

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