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The European nations, felt confident that their armies would be able to defeat any African army that crossed its path. African armies were defeated due to their inability to join in three major factors. The first factor was the inability to produce a professional army. The second factor, is their inability to band together as one major power and defend their nations. Lastly, because they didn’t have the resources or industry in no way matched that of the European Nations.

With the exception of Liberia and Ethiopia, the various militaries defending the African nations had little experience is professional combat. “------------------------------.” They fell victim to two of the worst qualities for combat. They were both undermanned and under skilled. Realistically, they we no match for a combat hardened well supplied European Army. European generals understood war strategies. “-----supply cut off--------.” Europeans were successfully able to cut off the supplies from getting to African armies. This aloud a well equipped army to move through under supplied African armies trying to defend. The European armies encountered little problems moving through the African lines.

African nations were unable to band together and fight Europe as one power. In Western Africa The Dutch have been visiting since the 1600’s. They made the Africans trust them, therefore they trusted the European treaties. They thought they were able to trust the Europeans. A lot of nations sided with the Europeans simply to keep their empires. Many of the African nations were very scared of Europe. Europe introduced new technology to Africa that posed threats. This only weakened the African continent. Europe was successfully able to make Africa beat itself. There conquest of Africa was basically turning Africa against Africa. Whoever went against the word of Europe was dealt with by European Armies.

European industry was far superior to African industry. European armies were better equipped. There armies had modern guns. There guns were more accurate and faster than that of Africa’s. Europe also had a more advanced navy. They had gun ships that were able to launch cannon fire to clear the beaches. They were able to use gun boat diplomacy. This is were they caption of the naval fleets could say surrender or they would start to launch cannon fine all over the beaches and coastal towns. Europe also had more money and more soldiers to put into a war. During this time Europe was a modern continent. The royal treasuries of Europe were stocked. The was also a far bigger number of men willing to fight to farther glorify their countries. If Europe lost the colonies it standed to loose a lot of money and investment. Many people in Europe understood this and were willing to fight to keep their economies on the rise.

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On the other side, Africa was under equipped, under funded, and under manned. At the time in question there was not many industrial areas of Africa. There weapons were in no way comparable to Europe’s. There armies were also vastly outnumbered. “__SIZE OF ARMY___.” The African treasuries were also under stocked. They were unable to pay for the supplies they needed to defend themselves against Europe. Unlike the unity of Europe Africa was unable to send enough men to fight. This made Africa’s war un winnable.

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