Why americans should eat less fast food

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Why Americans Should Eat Less Fast Food

In recent years, studies have shown that Americans are becoming more obese

each year. The culprit is the increased use of fast food. Fast foods also interrupt family

infrastructure because dinner is an important strategy for communication among family

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members. Last, the convenience of fast foods contributes to American laziness. These

are just a few reasons that Americans should eat less fast food. Personally, the

American people should come back and sit at the table for a home-cooked dinner.

Again, they consist of the concern for our bodily health, the health of the family

infrastructure and how much the American people depend on the swiftness of fast food.

Philadelphia, our hometown is ranked as one of the most obese cities in the

country. Studies have shown that the American people are the number one consumers

of food and yet the least populated country. For scientific studies have shown

Americans eat up to five times more sodium and saturated fat than is supposed to be

eaten by a human being. In fact, greater than 7 million U.S. citizens are over weight or

obese or about 54.% of men and 50.7% of women adults. What has become the value

of the body? Americans have become totally and utterly saturated in the instantaneous

need for good food, flashy media feed and a reasonable price. But the price is much

greater than anyone is concerned about. Common knowledge shows that serious

health dangers come into

affect such as clogged arteries, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Now, what if us Americans were willing to sacrifice a substantial amount of time

each week to spend more time with our families. More talking and at the table dinners,

studies suggest, improve family communication skills and increases general libido with

every family member. This doesnt mean that the table dinner will automatically solve

ones familys problems, but why even assume that the result is automatic? We need to

get out of our right now craving heads that not everything comes in automatic fashion.

Some things no matter how desperately you try, cannot be done with speed and if we

all just attempt to slow the pace down and reconnect to the roots of the American

dinner table we will find the most precious things are established with time. Not sent

through a package or an email.

Finally, the body is nothing without the mind dictating its every action. Therefore,

each action of each American waiting in line for their biggy-sized meal has a deeper

meaning. What is everyone truly in line for? It is not just tasty food at a slender price. In

my mind it’s the need for the instant, the available, the convenient. My answer to this

instant email societal manifestation is due to our whole country turning electric in the

metaphorical and actual sense. We all need everything in front of us at electric speed.

DSL, cable, the Internet, faster cars, faster planes, faster living; we are all becoming so

preoccupied with the flashiness of society that were losing the things that actually hold

society together, family.

It is not the actual at the table dinner that holds the solution, but what lies in it.

Just as fast food chains are not the real problem, but what can be created with its sheer

instant, have it your way, right away driven market. How easy is it for all of us to be

just preoccupied in our own melodramas while chopping down on a Whopper rather

than discussing the problems we face with our family. And this is where I believe the

problem with many Americans still stays and will stay, as stable and recognizable as the

golden arches.

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