“Should Teens Have a Legally Enforced Curfew?”

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As much as teens love to stay out long hours of the night, even up until dawn, we should have a legal enforcement of the curfew. This enforcement is not meant to spoil teens’ fun but to protect them from any harm available at dark hours of the night. At night is when there is a higher crime rate, vandalizing of private property, and when teens are at a higher risk of getting into trouble without any responsible adult supervision.

There is a higher crime rate at night than there is during daylight hours. Crimes include anything from shootings and robberies to rape. No one in their right mind would want to put him or herself in a harmful situation where they can be murdered or injured. In addition, murders and homicides are more likely to occur during the night when there is no one around and when it is quiet.

At night is when teen gang members take advantage and tag all over garages, houses and businesses destroying individual’s property. If they are not spray-painting then they are bricking house and/or car windows or bombing houses. Teens should not be allowed to be out late at night for these very reasons. At this time is when teens take advantage to do mischief.

Being underage and being out cruising the streets at night without any responsible supervision is when teens are most likely to cause trouble or get into trouble. Not only are teens putting themselves in at high risks but are putting others around them in danger as well. Teens use the night to be up to no good and misbehave and this is why the curfew hour should be legally enforced.

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Therefore, it is convenient and safe for teens to have a legally enforced curfew. This would minimize crime in the streets and stop the vandalism of private property from reoccurring. Not only that but it insures your safety and your life.

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