Remember always ask a teenager for the answer while they still know everything!

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The Field Experience paper was a real buzz for me to do as it finally gave me the chance to be able to delve into the teenage mind being able to listen to a teenager over a period of five days to listen to her concerns, abilities, interests, and to get a deep understanding of this person. Apart from the time spent with the student a short interview was given to find the answers to more statistical question, questions which where hard to bring up in conversation.

I found that the hardest thing of this paper was for the young person to be able to trust you enough to divulge any sort of personal information even though the questions in the interview are relatively unobtrusive towards the young persons life. Once this inbuilt defence mechanism of wanting to be cool wanting to be what the other person wants you to be the conversation can flow and then a true understanding of the young person could be achieved. It wasn’t until about the third week was I able to really connect with the young person well I should say when the young person was able to feel comfortable with me talking to her and that she was able to answer honestly and comfortably

As with most comparisons you need to have a point of reference, something that all parties can relate to, in the case of the analysis between my teenage years and the young persons feelings at the present I used the topic of movies and music something that most people can relate to. As I believe that you can write down a personality of a person you must have a feeling of the person and to try and convey this point I have used movies and music two things which after you have encountered you have a certain over all feeling from the characters in the film or the lyrics in the music.

To really define my self I would have to use music and movies as an analogy I guess u could say I was a rebel with out a cause a true punk band eg. (The new radicals) using loud beats and lyrics that describe suicide, depression and a hate for authority. This I guess made me the typical stereotyped teenager out late on the weekend trying to find the meaning of life through sex drugs and rock and roll completely insulted by society and with no idea of future or present accept to try and gain the respect and recognition form your family even though you did all the things that your parents told you not to.

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I think Good Charlotte said it best with the line “I’m young and I’m hopeless ” I think these were my feelings at the time I really didn’t know what I was going to do at university I didn’t know where my life was going and I didn’t know if I was even going to like what I chose to do in the end anyway. I’m pretty sensitive towards most topics but I still have to have people tell me these things I’m the kind of person that no matter that I know it is going to hurt I still have to hear it, I guess its all just closure. I’m as social as I can be which is a strain on my university studies but unless I’ve been out on the town my brain just cant seem to relax. I take pills for my clinical depression but hey I’m part of the chemical generation so I guess it’s justified, love tennis hate potheads and am defiantly a leader. My greatest fears of the future is getting into a job were I didn’t make a difference to society I couldn’t bare to feel that what I was doing was a waste of time and really had no benefit towards anyone but myself.

The field experience was done through the Samford soccer club open girls team in which my sister plays I decided to get to know one of her friends there a girl aged 17 who for the purposes of privacy will be known as Jane. From the survey I found out that Janes dad is a Plummer and her mum is a receptionist the family is not really very religious she has lived in Brisbane her whole life

Jane is a girl who really doesn’t fit into any part of society with drawn emotionally and quite wary of any people who try to make contact or to become any part of her life, for this reason I found it really hard to connect with this girl as I am the raver out for a good time trying to socialise as much as possible and here is a girl who really didn’t want any of that she just wants to live in her world and have every one walk past her. I think the best was to describe Jane is to look at the movie the hollow man a modern day make of the invisible man she lives her life like this person completely invisible to the expectations that society puts on a 17 year old girl, expectations like you have to wear make up you have to have a tiny waist big boobs and have promiscuous sex with as many people as possible. She rejects all these conditions that society tries to constrict her with her loves include horse riding, which is almost a religion to her. She works part time at a saddle club when she has free time most of the time for free, doesn’t party doesn’t drink doesn’t do drugs doesn’t wear make up or skirts. However society still has played a part in this, as she believes that she is to fat to ugly a typical depression from a teenage girl.

This was one of the frequent debates that we had with each other as I continually tried to tell her that all men aren’t after a hot chick some look for a personality and someone to have fun with, she would always respond with show me one or for sure in a sarcastic American blond teenager accent. This was one of her greatest fears becoming a statistic just one of the crowd someone shallow she wants to be well defined in personality she said something that hit me kind of hard where I had to look back on my teenage years and say well damn I was one of them I was just a statistic. I think somewhere along her years of adolescence Jane had been hurt by a guy or was teased for being fat or something to that nature. I think this is the reason that she became with drawn I guess its like the old saying if you don’t try you cant fail, which is the way that Jane lives her social life or was the impression that I got I believed that what she was telling me was the truth but with a person as with drawn as her self years of training to hide your feelings and emotions make you a pretty good liar.

This was basically what I gained from the 0 hours field experience Jane and I talked a lot most of the time about random topics. What we did on the weekend how school was or in my case university just friendly chatter the interview was probably fairly pointless as I could already predict the responses that I was going to be receiving from Jane but for the purpose of comparison and the assignment I decided to do it anyway. There were a few interesting results such as how she describes her self “I would say I’m nothing special just a person trying to relax do what I want not really phase anyone just pretty much go about my day until the next one starts” which was interesting and sad all at the same time just that someone could feel so sad every day it I was really expecting her to be suicidal or something to that extent, fortunately she wasn’t. It wasn’t surprising however to find that she considered her self as a follower and the type of person as an outsider.

I guess about now you can seem to get a fairly good idea about the differences in personalities. I’m out there and willing to try and risk my self and trust someone purely for the fact that I may get a 0 second buzz out of it just because I’m a social person and I know I would go crazy if I didn’t get that attention I guess its almost an addiction. I follow fashion and love to have people follow me around. Where as Jane is the absolute opposite she won’t go and socialise apart from with people that she really believes that she can trust just for the reason that she maybe hurt. However even with this huge barrier between our personalities we were still able to become friends and have a good conversation.

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