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for the past decades piercing was never introduced into society. now in the twenty first century ,everyone permits piercings. although there are many risks of piercing people still pierce themselves with out going to the appropriate place.

many people pierce their belly button their tounge their eyebrows and a labret which is an earing under your lower lip.these people go to unsanitary places and often get infections and transmitted diseases such as hepatitis.

although there are risks there are also benefits. we have to admit it,it looks nice. certain religions view piercing as a sort of sexual thing but even arabs pierce their noses and theyre very religious people.they view it as a sexual thing because when girls pierce their belly buttons its supposed to attract guys to them.

Over-cleaning, vigorous cleaning or using a cleanser that is too strong can produce symptoms very similar to an infection. The skin may be very tender and appear shiny and there may be a clear discharge.

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Friction caused by tight or heavy clothing, rough sexual activity or excessive movement of the piercing can cause dark redness, keloids, discharge and rejection/migration. This is a common problem for genital piercings.

Stress, poor diet or illness can cause longer healing times or migration of the piercing.

Reactions to the metals used in our jewelry are extremely rare. Often, a cleanser reaction or other problem is mistaken for a metal allergy. The piercing may feel hot and sore, like a low-grade infection or the body may attempt to pull away from the metal, resulting in a large, growing activity.

in conclusion, these are all of the pro and cons about piercing hopefully piercing will get very far in the world of fashion.

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