Personal Goals

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Personal Goals

In this paper, I will give you a perspective of my personal goals, and why I decided to come back to college. I will also give you a brief description of my past experiences and background, which will give you an understanding of the direction I am heading.

I was born on the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico on November 15, 168 to middle class parents, Mr. Hector A. Graciani and Mrs. Carmen G. Soto. After a year of breathing the salty island breeze, my parents decided to move to another island, Manhattan New York, to explore new horizons. I grew up in New York, it was a great experience to grow up in the melting pot of the world, but after high school it was time to expand my view on life, so I joined the few, the proud, the Marines. This was a completely new chapter in my life, which helped me be the person I am today and molded the rest of my life. I went to the nearest place on this earth that resembles hell, Paris Island. I underwent three months of an extreme and demanding training regiment that tested me both physically and mentally. Even though I only served four years in the Marine Corps, those four years I traveled to different continents, such as Asia, Europe, and Africa and admired different cultures. I also had the opportunity to fight for my country on desert sands, which is a completely different paper in itself. It was time to leave the best years of my manhood behind and continue this journey we call life. I was honorably discharged on August 7, 11 and went back to where I saw my first ray of light, San Juan, Puerto Rico. My goal at the time was to use my GI bill and go to college, which I did and started attending the University of Puerto Rico, majoring in Business. I had to discontinue my education when the Department of Defense hired me as a Police Officer working out of an Army Installation called Fort Buchanan. I only spent one year with the DOD, but learned enough to land the job I have today, which is with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection as a Canine Enforcement Officer (CEO). I had a great tenure in San Juan as a CEO, confiscated more than four thousand pounds of marijuana, one thousand pounds of cocaine, and five hundred pounds of heroin and seized more than two million dollars in U.S currency. However, all good things have to end as they say so one day my Narcotics Detector Dog and I made a terrific seizure of two hundred pounds of cocaine. Three months later the narcotic organization that the narcotics belonged to, threatened my life, and here I am in Mickey Mouse town. The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection gave me the option of duty assignment and my father lives here in Orlando; he is seventy-five and is getting sick quite often, so Orlando was a great choice for me. Even though I am a career employee with the Bureau of Customs, I decided to get my degree in Criminal Justice with the University of Phoenix, so I could continue to grow as a person and even look into becoming a Special Agent some day. The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection is undergoing a transition never seen before in U.S government history, being part of the Department of Treasury for over two hundred years, now a newly formed agencie called the Department of Home Land Security, that was formed after the devastating events that occurred after the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. In the next year or so, there are going to be great promotional opportunities that I will take advantage of. The reason I picked the University of Phoenix is that I can still fulfill my duties as the sole provider of my home and still obtain my educational goal, which is a BA in Criminal Justice.

In conclusion, I know that a long and winding road awaits me, but I know that with sheer determination and my spouse giving me support, the next two years will be another journey, that will be challenging and at the same time rewarding, but at the end it will pay off.

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