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Unit Reflection

In the second unit we learned about the Nebular theory. The Nebular theory states that the solar system began as a huge cloud of dust and gas called a nebula, which later condensed to form the sun and its nine planets. The sun was the first to form. The nebular theory says that shock waves from a supernova disrupted a nearby nebula. The nebula began to rotate, and gravity pulled more and more matter into a central disk. The disk became the sun. Clumps of gas and dust around the sun formed the planets and other objects in the solar system. Soon protoplanets formed. There are the inner and outer planets. The difference between them is the inner planets are solids and the outer planets are gasses. The inner planets are near the sun. The sun boiled away most of their lightweight gases and they became solid. The inner planets include Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The outer planets were less affected by the sun so they kept their lightweight gases. They include of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We learned about inertia and gravity. It all started when Kepler discovered that planets moved in elliptical orbits. Although he didn’t know why they did this. Newton began to wonder and he hypothesized that two factors contributed to their orbits, inertia and gravity. The law if inertia states that an object’s motion will not change unless that object is acted on by and outside force. He believed that all objects moved in a straight line unless something was causing it to change motion. Then he said that the gravitational pull from the sun caused the planets to move in a circular motion. When you put these two things together they will make an elliptical shape or an oval.

In this unit we learned about three things meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids. A meteoroid is a chunk of stone or metal that orbits the sun. Meteoroids are found in the asteroid belt or from comets that have broken up. Meteors are streaks of light produced by a meteoroid as it burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Meteors are also known as shooting stars. A meteorite is a meteor that strikes the Earth’s surface.

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We also learned about escape velocities. An escape velocity is a velocity needed to escape the Earth’s gravitational pull. To explain it better it is the amount of force a rocket needs to escape from the atmosphere. The escape velocity depends on the mass of the planet and the distance of the rocket from the planet’s center. Astronomers have to deal with this all the time so space ships can leave the earth and go to other planets. You need to know the escape velocity of a planet because if you don’t the atmosphere will slow down the rocket and it might not be able to pass through. Here are some examples of the velocities of other planets in our solar system. Earth is 11. kilometers per second, the moon is . km per second, and Jupiter is 6.4 km per second.

The last thing we learned was about period of rotation and period of revolution. Period of rotation is the time it takes a planet to make one rotation on its axis. This is known as one day on a planet. The axis is an imaginary line drawn through the center of the planet. Period of revolution is the time it takes a planet to make one revolution, orbit, or circle around the sun. This is known as one year on a planet. Planets rotate on their axis and revolve around the sun at the same time.

I found that the planet Uranus was the most interesting to me. I think it is interesting because Uranus is tilted on its side. Uranus looks like it is sideways because its axis is on a 0-degree angle. All the other planets are around 0 degrees but I’m not positive on that fact. All I do know is that Uranus is the only planet that looks sideways. What makes it more interesting is that Uranus has rings, so it looks like the rings go up and down instead of left to right.

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