Human Life

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Human Life

There are two sides to the theory “survival of the fittest”. In our society some believe only the strong can survive and the weak cannot make it. Others believe that this idea is not all about the strong and the weak can overcome this idea. Some wonder how this idea affects us in out social policy today. Is survival of the fittest and social tied together that it makes our society weak?

Some people use the class system as a means of measurement. They think if they are more successful in life this will put them above others. They have the money they have that power is their motto. A good example would be people who are trying to reach the top in their corporation and they become a millionaire. Now they are making all the money but this does not mean they are better than the average person who gets paid minimum wages. The person who is getting minimum wage is working just as hard.

This is where welfare comes in sometimes because they might be making enough money. Welfare is abused quite frequently in the United States today. This could also be looked upon as our nation being less fit but I think it is great that we try to help people out when they are struggling. People who really deserve welfare are those who cannot make the living wages on their own and the government can help them. Some try to abuse this system by saying they need help. I think when people try to get welfare just because they don’t want to work that’s when our nation can be looked upon as weak. Just handing the money out left to right and not making sure they need it. Otherwise I look at welfare as helping those in need and these people have things to offer in life too. They too could be very smart and make it to the top if they can get a little extra help on the side. So we should be willing to help them.

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Social policy affects us everyday, whether it is from medicine to politics. Modern medicine can save so many lives today. I don’t think that makes us less fit or weaker because we are using the knowledge that God gave to use. When we have premature babies in the hospital we can save their life when in years past they would just die. We now have the knowledge to save the life of the weak. I think that if we don’t save these babies and let them die because they are just weak we could have destroyed a life that could have strong in one area. Like they could have been good a good musician and just because they are weak in a physical way doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish things and be strong in them.

Sometimes babies that are premature have many health problems later on in life. So people are concerned about the future problems they will have with taking care of all their medical problems. How much is it going to cost to everyone who is involved. They are concerned for themselves on how much will cost to support the programs to help the sick. They won’t want to pay the government these extra taxes so that someone can barley stay alive. Some think that pointless.

This concept goes into another subject. Should we be keeping weaker, older adults or anyone on life support? People on life support cannot even do the simple things in life like eat on their own. They have to have tubes feeding them and according to some people this is a weak person and should not be kept alive because of the rules of nature. They also can say that it their time to go and why should we try to hold them back from getting relief if they are suffering. Others may say we should try to save them because we have the knowledge to extend their life a little bit more and have more time to live on this earth. Many will also ask is this alright with God’s plan. Does he want us to end this person’s life? We may never know the answer to the question we just have to use the best of judgment in those situations. There will always be controversy over this subject in the medical field. We have to remember that God is always there to help and guide through these situations.

People get this reasoning that we as humans are like animals because the way nature works and we should live according to this. Animals have a way about just going on with things. Do animals concern themselves with others animals that are dying? Do they go and try to take care of another animal that is hurting? In nature if an animal is weak the predator will stalk it down and kill it. They can catch the old and wounded animals because they will be the easiest and they don’t care how frail it is. They look at it as easy prey. They don’t for one bit sympathize with these animals. We have to remember now that humans are completely different than animals. I believe that we didn’t evolve from animals. We weren’t created with these instincts. God is our creator and master of humans. He made a difference between man and animal.

In our society strong and powerful is looked upon as great. This image is always wanted and admired by somebody. This seems to be the worldly image. We have to be powerful, courageous and strong. This is the image that most try to strive for but do not always make it. I think that if those people, who are making it big, help others whether it is through charity or other means that this is true power. We are not making the world weaker but we are bonding as one trying to makes us stronger. God put everyone here on this earth for a purpose and he wants us to help each other along the way. No matter if we are born or die weak we should be there to help if he gives us the abilities to do so.

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