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1. Introduction and Aims

The word “Racism” was introduced to the English language in 18 by a German writer, Magnis Hirschfield, This formed from Hitler’s conceptions “War between Races”.

Australia being a country of equal rights and “Having the right of an opinion”, is spoiling this reputation, and turning towards a country full of hatred and racial discrimination. The two words “RACIAL ABUSE” is not unusual in Australia regarding Asians. That is why this topic of “Racism against Asians in Australia” is very relevant for the present time of war, which divides races and cultures. Racism against any race is politically wrong, Although racism against Asians seems more wrong to the people that fall in to this category as myself, People also have to think of the point of view of any racial groups to receive this feeling of evil, which can destroy society.

The purpose of this report is to give a Racists point of view, which should be halted in order for Multiculturalism and an innocent victims point of view, and let the reader contemplate which is correct in their own mind. Australia is a diverse nation of many cultures where racism and prejudice are unwanted and unnecessary.

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This report will be discussing information regarding the use of Racism worldwide but mainly focusing on racial discrimination towards Asians. As a result of my research, Asians experience most of the racial abuse that circles the air and flow in this so-called “Free Country”.

. Background

.1 Definition of Racism (Examples in the world)

Racism is seen as a form of social inequality, similar in character to, and closely linked with, class and gender distinction.

It is believed that people who taunt others are actually insecure about themselves, Also uncomfortable with who they are as a person, or how they look, Hence they put people down to build themselves up. The se kind of people (Racist) relies on others or followers to take into action their abusing and taunting of races other than theirs. An example of a person powerless without followers is Adolf Hitler, Which believed that only pure blood or Blonde hair, Blue eyed Germans were permitted in Germany, Even thou his family had originated from Austria and he neither had Blonde hair or blue eyes. Hitler started a great massacre known as the holocaust that exterminated European Jews in Germany (between 1 � 145).

There are many forms of racism which all have the same effect on its victims. There is racism where violent actions take place and is considered out of hand. “Skin heads had committed a random act of violence in 10 for no reason but because the victim was not white. This racism is the worst possible racism and should be strongly acted on in today’s society.

Another form of racism is ‘Covert Racism’ or a ‘Hidden’ Racism, which is usually not detected. A covert racist is not usually aware he/her are racist. Covert racist spread ideas of racism thru out society and is a form of civil disobedience.

The other form is open racism that contains people, which are aware of their racism, and feels strongly against other races and cultures (example; White power, Black power). Several right-wing racial and political groups such as, One Nation party in Australia that tend to scapegoat and pick on certain racial groups like Asian’s and Aboriginals.

Racism is strongly prevalent in today’s society. All of these basic forms of racism, although differs in form, all have the same, main purpose to promote racism.

Some people or groups can become racists from being “To proud” in their own race, claiming they’re more superior beings. Having pride in your own race is okay but some people take it too far eg Pauline Hanson.

. Who experiences Racism?

Many people find it necessary to put down other ethnic groups in an attempt to strengthen their own; this mode of thought often results in extreme hatred of other races. White, Black, Brown, Red or Yellow each experience racism from other peoples thoughts or beliefs towards their own race.

Nazis, as African-Americans inferior to Whites, consider Jews racially inferior. In Australia, Asians are looked upon as inferior to such people as the One Nation party. All these examples are forms of racism. Racism occurs in every country, every gender, age and race. Organizations such as the KKK are strictly whites, where the Black Panthers are strictly Black.

. How Asians experience this problem?

Asians seem to be becoming helpless victims in Australia. The right-winged racial group known as the One nation party contributes a large amount of this abuse. The president of One nation is Pauline Hanson. Hanson is best known for her dislikes of Asians. Racism towards Asians is getting more active in today’s society because of the rising figure of Australia’s Asian immigrants. This racism occurs because Asians differentiate from Australians or Europeans. Being victimised because ones appearance should be abolished as well as political groups that promote policies such as ‘White Australia” (Pauline Hanson). This report contains numerous random facts about people who experience racism in their everyday lives and the one aspect being “Asian”.

Racism � Past, Present and Future

.1 History of Racism

Racism has played a major part of our history. Everyone is believed to have evolved fro the same continent millions of years ago in Egypt. The different skin tones, culture and facial features is said to be to do with where you are situated or evolved on the globe. Many disputes have occurred from Europeans who explored to conquer and settle many other countries as their own, eg The Aboriginals of Australia were the first humans to inhabit this country. England is Australia’s leaders and Australia has never had Priministers other than whites, another good example of this would be, the Native American Indians were the first inhabitants of America yet they were massacred because the differences they held. America also has yet to have any thing but all white residents. Racism has been around for the last 000 years. A number of people have played a part in history for equal rights. If it wasn’t for people like Dr Martin Luther King there would be a Toilet for Blacks and a Toilet for Whites. Many Wars has resulted in racial hate for example world war two has brought hate to the Asian racer (Japanese) and Vietnam War.

The settlement of Asians in Australia has been a substantial part of Australia’s society. The first Asians In Australia arrived during the gold rush to prospect in Australia. Racism has sparked from these years of the 1800’s.

. Racism in Australia today towards Asians

Many Asians have lodged complaints of racial abuse that should be recognized. Racism is against the Australian concept “A fair go”. Everyday Asians are regarding their life as uneasy because of the treatment they receive in Australia. Anywhere where Asians are in Australia there seems to be racism towards them. Many Australians thick Asians are stealing away jobs and taking advantage of benefits where it is the government whose policies of economic irrationalise has destroyed employment opportunities. IT is a cover up for its inability to provide social welfare and social security to everyone.

The scapegoat of Asians and Aborigines today are a chilling similarity to fascists scapegoat Jews n the 10’s, Holocaust. After racist comments from Pauline Hanson has come out, It has given a “Licence to vilify” other people on grounds of race. Ever since Ms Hanson has spoke her mind and thoughts racism against Asians is becoming more frequent and serious concern to the community.

. What will become of Racism?

Most believe racism is an ongoing event which can not be stopped therefore it will proceed through into the future, Hopefully most people will learn from mistakes and not be as ignorant as they are. Many Asian students who study here or wish to study here are being warned to not come here to study from “The West Australians” news article explaining how innocent Asian students have been abused on Perth’s public transport. They have been told to “go back home” and to speak English in public. These acts of racism don’t even have a point to them and simply is hate towards the Asian race. Racism will always be apart of society in Australia.

4. How are Asian people targeted?

4.1 Examples of Racism towards Asians.

These sections will contains information that show a racial discrimination targeted at Asians. Many Asians have been victimised in Australia, Most believe multiculturalism is a good thing because of people from different nations, colours, and cultures are interacting and learning about each other’s differences tolerating each other as Human beings. But then there are the people which believe multiculturalism should be abolished with whatever reasons they have. These people have a bad condition of race hate for example; a man called Van Togeran who would spread anti-Asian propaganda posters in the street and alleged to have spat on innocent Asians in the street, why he targeted Asians only? Nobody knows, But what we do know is that he refused to be admitted to psychiatric help which is a concern regarding the safety of innocent Asians minding their own business’s. Another example of this specific hate is Pauline Hanson. Hanson claims Asians are receiving favoured treatment by policies, that promote multiculturalism. Hanson has shown direct racism against Asians, which also state false figures and statistics for example

“I and most Australians want out immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians, between 184 and 15, 40% of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin. They have there own culture and religion, form ghettos, and don’t assimilate.”

Ms Hanson also believes that a multicultural country can never unite or be strong. Everybody in Australia without native Aboriginal blood, do not belong in this country if Ms Hanson’s speech was true. She is segregating Asians to have different religions and cultures, Where 8% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic, Which is very common in the Western World countries. Not all Asians share the same religion just because they share the same race and it is ignorant to think that. America is on eof the strongest countries in the world like Australia is very Multicultural making Pauline Hanson’s statements false. Hanson also show that she is a covert racist by this remark

“The people have to realise and the Asians have to realise”

This remark separates the word people and Asians. Are Asians not classed as people? Maybe not in One nations eyes. Hanson is concerned about migrants speaking their native tongue to each other, this is ludicrous because everyone has had their own culture for thousands of years and shouldn’t be told to change for racists. If Pauline Hanson had travelled to a foreign speaking country with a fellow Australian, will she speak English or the country’s language and not English?

4. Racial comments made by politicians/people

Many of Australia leaders, politicians and famous have been branded as racist. Pauline Hanson and her One nation party believe 40% of migrants between the years 184 � 15 are of Asian origin yet Kim Beazley said that only 4% makes up for the Asians in Australia. Kim Beazley says that only the intellectually bankrupt can keep up with One nations inflammatory, silly and wrong false accusation. Danii Monogues the famous Kylie Monogues sister has rewarded that she is disgusted by seeing signs in the street in an Asians language, She also supports a comment made by an outspoken racist in France. Racism is so bad when it is seeping out of Australia to other counties media and branding Australia a Racist country. John Howard the current Priminister of Australia has made statements about anti-Asians immigration in 188, the bad thing is that he is now our Priminister.

4. How common do racist remarks happen in Australia.

Racial comments are constantly being made in Australia towards Asians. A man of Asian origin says that he experienced more racism in Australia in two weeks than he did in America where he had lived for nine months. This fact shows that Australia’s hate for Asians is a serious concern.

Any way racism is promoted it happens in Australia from drenching old Asian ladies with a garden hose, or spray painting “Asians out” these acts of racism are cruel and don’t have any remorse behind the actions. Statements like “I never felt welcome” and receiving racial abuse in the first two weeks of entering the country is a major concern.

Conclusions & Recommendations

Racism is an issue regarding whites and non-whites. Every body is equal and should be treated the same. Australia is a growing multicultural country and should be promoting this cause instead of the opposite. I believe its wrong how Asians are constantly being victims of racism where there are far more races eg Polish, Scottish yet Asians cop the racism as like the Aborigines, Africans and any other non-white races. If you’re not white in Australia you are considered inferior to other people. Racism will never stop. I think people are better of colour blind so that these differences don’t stop what opinions people have against each other.

I also believe racism should have a new penalty it today’s court of law because it is wrong to judge people on where they have come from and on the way they look. The fines or penalties for Racial Discrimination in Australia should be large fines or imprisonment because e you are dealing with entire races not just possessions.

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