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Ecology Homework

1a. Producers do not fit because producers take in energy from their surroudings and store it in complex molecules. All other organisms are called consumers. They obtain their energy by consuming other organisms.

6. Producers take in energy from their surroudings and store it in complex molecules while consumers obtain their energy from consuming other organisms and giving off that energy through their bones, phesis, skin, etc.

An example of a producer is All plants, some bacteria, and algae.

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An example of a consumer is Cows, caterpillars, elephants, ducks, etc.

10. First the atom of nitrogen is consumed by a herbivore. The herbivore then discretes the atom of nitrogen from its body. The phesis is then turned into fertilizer which helps the tree/plant it came from survive.

11. Plants play a very imortant role in a tropical rain forest. Tropical rain forests exist mainly on very infertile soils. Most of the nutrients are held within the plants that live in the rain forest. Without these plants, the rain forest could not survive because those nutrients that are in the plants would no longer be there.

17a. The producer in this ecosystem is the algae.

17b. The killer whale is in the 5th trophic level.

17c. The Killer whale should be the least common if the organisms because they would get the very least energy level. Algae have 10,000 energy, Krill have 1,000 energy, Cod have 100 energy, Leopard seal has 10 energy, and the Killer whale has 1 energy.


Biosphere The part of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist or that is capable of supporting life.

Communities All the organisms that live in an ecosystem.

Populations All of the people inhabiting a specified area. The total number of such people.

Consumers Organism that obtains its energy by eating the consumers.

Herbivores Consumer that eats only plants.

Omnivores Organism that eats both plants and animals.

Carnivores Flesh-eating organism.

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