Analysis : Eight Hundred and Eleven

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As M.H.Abrams mentioned in the Mirror and the Lamp,

The work of art is conceived to reflect the ideal more accurately than does imperfect

Nature itself (p.4)

our reality could be reflected in the literary work more idealistically than our actual life.

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The narrative in this poem comments the atrocity and absurdity of war with solemnity and sublimity. The narrative describes scathingly the futility at the end of war and the calamity caused by war.

The narrator arouses the reading audiences¡¯ attention to the decline and fall of the aggressive mighty power by recounting ¡° Yes, thou must droop; thy Midas dream is o`er; The golden tide of Commerce leaves thy shore¡±(61-6)

What we try to illuminate at this point of view could be classified into three categories.

1. How can we relate the conceptualized meaning of War with the emblem and the significance of the author¡¯s own words?

The narrator cardinally feels the bitterness of disillusionment on the war. The super tragedy of war produces another tragic, like chains; i.e. Famine, Disease, Rapine. The narrator makes her negative position clearly on the human being¡¯s the greatest adversary, War, which reveals the poet¡¯s rigorous consciousness. Freedom is under the rule of the Despot. Though seemingly peaceful nation wishes the curse against the Despot, it cannot help being obedient. The British already comprehends the destiny by saying like this ¡°Thou who hast shared the guilt must share the woe¡±(46) ¡°Ruin¡± of war leads to the ultimate destruction of ¡°Midas Dream.¡±

. The Narrator¡¯s Viewpoint on the Commercialism.

The British feel the nostalgia from the past cultural prosperity.

The narrative describes how glorious that time was, artistically, philosophically and literarily. He feels a strong nostalgia over the glorious past

¡°The Lockes, thy paleys shall instruct their youth, /Thy leading star direct their search for Truth¡± (8-0) Those magnificent flourishes of the Great Britain have passed away, only remains ¡°the gray ruin and the mouldering stone/Europe sits in dust.¡±(14-16) ¡°Gothic¡±, though splendid in the past, is suffering from ¡°night¡±. Meanwhile, the narrative makes a strong desire on the advent of fully commercialized nation at the latter half of the entire poem. She describes ¡°Streets, where the turban¡¯d Moslem, bearded Jew/ And wooly Afric, mets the brown Hindu¡±(165-166) as well as ¡°Where Wealth enjoyed, and Charity bestowed¡±(168) His vision is the influx of every industrialized village full of animation, spirits, ¡°Where Genious and where Valour find a home¡±(180) He expects the impoverished, stained society with the pathetic war to ascend upwardly, ¡°The broken stair with perilous step shall climb.¡±(17)

However, the narrator still misses the splendor, loftiness of the past, ¡°they survey/ The stone where Alexander¡¯s ashes lay.¡± (11-1)

. The Dynamical Energy toward a Commercialized Society

The narrative creates ¡°Spirit¡±, which is, though invisible, progressive value as the immanent nature of Human Nature. It is the ¡°Spirit¡± that can lead Human Nature into the more cultivated, enlightened. There lies the essence of the author¡¯s moral philosophy. Human Nature has a tremendous power of control to conquer what is against his favor, which results in super tragedy, war. However, with the aid of this Spirit, Human could proceed affirmatively.

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