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Many artists become famous, many become rich, many become popular, but few set the ground for a new genre of music, that has been around for a short amount of time, to take it to a higher level and to glorify it. Unlimited is one of these few artists. They have taken Euro dance music to a totally new level.

It all started when twenty year old Ray Lothar Slijngaard, a chef at Netherlands Schiphol Airport and a breakdancer, was at his friends show. His friend, a rapper called Marvin D, was performing that night, but the crowd wasnt moved at all. So then Ray took the mic, started rapping, and the crowd went wild. Shortly after, Ray was put in touch with two well-known producers throughout Europe, Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul DeCoster.

Around the same time, twenty year old Anita Danielle Doth had been involved in a female rap group called Trouble Sisters. She had also been working with Marvin D as a dancer and backing singer. Soon after, she got tired of just standing around, looking sexy. Because she wanted to perform, Marvin introduced Anita to Ray, who had been working with his producers on a rap version of Get Ready For This. Anita Doth agreed to joining the group under her stage name, Anita Dels, and so Unlimited was born.

In 11, Unlimited released their first single called Get Ready For This. Soon after, a single called Twilight Zone was released in 1, proving that Unlimited was more than just a one-hit wonder. By this time, their fame was sky-rocketing not only in their homeland, Holland, but also throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Next, Unlimited released their first album Get Ready in 1, showing the world that they were far more than just a singles act, also spawning the releases of two popular singles, The Magic Friend and Workaholic.

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With their fame and popularity spreading rapidly throughout the world, Unlimited then released another single in 1, called No Limit, hitting the number one spot in thirty-five countries. Shortly after, they released yet another single called Tribal Dance in the same year. After being recorded, re-recorded, mixed, and remixed, they soon released the album No Limits. It became an incredibly big hit throughout the world. Because of the albums success, three new singles of tracks from their second album were released Faces and Maximum Overdrive, both in 1, and Let The Beat Control Your Body in 14.

At this time, there were many new artists emerging who were sounding like Unlimited. Many of them followed the same style Unlimited had with a rapper, a singer, and dance music in the background. Such artists include Brothers On The 4th Floor, Ace Of Base, Cappella, and Technotronic. The group Technotronic was basically a mirror of Unlimited, reason being that one of the producers from Unlimited was also one of the producers for Technotronic. It was quite obvious that Unlimited had such a very powerful effect, in Europe and around the world, that others were following in their footsteps.

Wasting no time, Unlimited then started to work on another single that was released in 14, called The Real Thing, which was the precursor to their third album Real Things, also released in 14. Subsequently, three more singles were released from this album No One in 14, Here I Go in 15, and Nothing Like The Rain in 15. By then Unlimited was nearing the end of their contract, but they still continued to work on new projects. The next single that was released in 15 was a new track called Do Whats Good For Me.

October 0th of 15 saw the release of Unlimiteds final album Hits Unlimited. Their fourth album was composed of thirteen hit singles and three new tracks. Shortly after, the single Jump For Joy was released in 16, as rumors of Unlimited splitting up spread throughout the world. As a result, Unlimited made one final single in 16, called Spread Your Love, as the rumors had been confirmed. Anita and Ray had both left Unlimited after their last and final single.

Though there were many rumors of why Unlimited broke up, there were three main reasons for why it had happened. First of all, Anita and Ray were fed up with their contract. They were not allowed to write any of their songs. In fact, they never truly did. They were only allowed to write lyrics and perform. The producers were in charge of putting together the music. Second of all, Anita and Ray had their own ideas as to what they wanted to do. Ray wanted to do more hip-hop influenced material, while Anita wanted to make her own dance music. Lastly, the members of Unlimited were simply not getting along with each other. Near the end, they could not stand each other anymore. So because they didnt wish to renew the contract for another five years, everyone went their way. However, Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul DeCoster were not about to give up on the group.

Anita then went to start her own dance program and was busy with her own radio show, while Ray was busy with his own record label, called Rayvano Records, named after his son. Ray then wrote and released his first solo single in 17, called X A Day. At about the same time, Jean-Paul and Phil were looking for new members to add to the group. Originally, they were looking to ask Sylvia Samson to join by herself, but when she took a look at the contract, she refused. Shortly after, they started to hold auditions for a new Unlimited. As a result, two new girls, twenty-six year old Romy van Ooijen and twenty-three year old Marion van Iwaarden, were chosen to be the lead singers of Unlimited. And so a new Unlimited was born in 18.

The female duo and the producers worked together to release the single Wanna Get Up in 18. The four of them had digressed from how the old Unlimited was. They didnt want to be another dance act, so instead they wrote tracks that were more pop and r&b influenced. Their first single was not as successful as they had hoped. Regardless, they went on to release their first album together, called II. Shortly after, they released two more singles in 18, called Edge Of Heaven and Never Surrender. Unfortunately, this new Unlimited was not nearly as successful as the original. At that time, Romy and Marion were complaining about how they were not allowed to write their own tracks. They claimed to have been promised to write their own songs, but since Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul DeCoster refused, the two girls left, and so was the end of Unlimited.

By that time, Anita had been working on releasing her own singles, Universe (Believe In Yourself!) in 1, Lifting Up My Life in 1, and This Is Reality in 000. Ray had teamed up with a man named Orpheo MacDonald to form an r&b group called VIP Allstars. The two of them then released two singles in 1, called When Its My Turn and Mamacita. Afterward, Anita made her own dance album called Reality, which was released in the year 000, and was very successful.

As of now, there is no news of any new projects from Unlimited, Anita Doth, or Ray Slijngaard. Despite the fact that Unlimited is no more, fans will never forget them, and even today, singles and albums of Unlimited are currently being re-released because of the high demands from numerous fans. It just goes to show how strongly Unlimited has positively influenced both Euro dance music and people around the world.

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