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In the January 001 issue of Ladies Home Journal on page 74 an article called Mom, Am I Fat? written by Sharon Epel addresses the trouble with the new generation of preschool and elementary school aged children who think thin is beautiful and often come home to ask, “Mom, Am I Fat?” Across the country, younger and younger children are scrutinizing their bodies and finding fault, often with alarming ramifications. Children as young as five are dieting and skipping meals, and eating disorders are now becoming childhood diseases.

In the last decade, children as young as eight have been treated for eating disorders. While such cases are rare, experts agree that anorexia and bulimia are becoming child diseases. Many children begin disliking their bodies before the have started school.

The media has a powerful effect in influencing young children. The majority of characters on shows that eight- to twelve-year-old girls watch, and pop stars such as Christina Aguilera are all very thin. Boys get their share of unrealistic images, too, from the latest Tarzan to characters on video games, such as Duke Nukem. The new G.I. Joe’s biceps would measure twenty-six inches if scaled to human size, dwarfing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reported twenty-two inches.

At the same time though thirteen percent of American children are overweight, compared to just five percent in the 160’s. Some experts suspect that this trend may be contributing to the children’s concerns. “For children it is stigmatizing to be fat,” says Barbara J. Howard, M.D. In one study, children were shown pictures of heavy children and children in wheelchairs and were asked with whom they would rather be friends with. They preferred the disabled children.

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In today’s society there is a growing number of young children fixated on their body image. The American culture believes that the body is perfectible, and that message is being conveyed to children at a very young age. With so many children feeling inadequate, in terms of development and appearance, eating disorders are now becoming a childhood disease.

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