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Dante Alighieris Inferno depicts Dante in the role of a man on a spiritual journey in pursuit of salvation. Along the way he encounters various historical and mythological figures whose stories help Dante realize the consequences of sin. Accompanying him is the poet Virgil, whose guidance will help Dante earn his redemption.

At the beginning of Inferno, Dante found himself in a sunless wood because he had wandered from the narrow path. [Canto I, ln.] The narrow path represents a righteous and holy lifestyle, and the sunless wood represents the state of Dantes life at that time disorderly, dark, and depressing. The physical and spiritual effects of sin become apparent in Canto One, where Dante is dead with fatigue and reduced to dragging his body with his right leg always lower as [he] climbed. [Canto I, ln.] This symbolizes how the weight of sin can impede the spiritual journey.

In order for Dante to return to his former piousness, Virgil must help him develope a strictness of his moral senses and a scorn for sinners. This is evidenced by Virgils teachings throughout their journey. An example of this can be found in Canto Eight, where Dante verbally attacks a dead soul named Filippo Argenti and is praised by Virgil with, What worthy indignation! [Canto VIII, ln.4] Another example would be found in Canto Twenty, when Dante expresses his greif over the suffering around him and is chastised by Virgil with Are you some sort of fool? / Pity must die that piety may live! [Canto XX, ln.6, 7] This means that in order for Dante to become holier, he must realize that they deserve their punishments.

Virgils teachings show a definate impact on Dantes morality. His attitude and behavior towards Hells residents changes significantly the time he enters to when he leaves. Because he too was a sinner, Dante could relate to their stories and felt sympathy for them. Dante was particularly sympathetic towards a pair of lovers he and Virgil meet in Canto Five, whom he described as being like doves with steady wings outstretched. [Canto V, ln.71] In fact, Dante is so sensitive to their tale that he fainted because he was overwhelmed by the tragedy of it. By the time Dante arrives at Circle Eight in Canto Eighteen, his opinion of the sinners has changed to utter contempt, describing one woman as a disheveled bitch. [Canto XVIII, ln.11] This contempt is manifested in physical violence woards the end of their journey, in Canto Thirty-Two, where Dante attacks the soul of Bocca delgi Abati simply for not answering him.

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We know that Dante has finally shed his skin as a sinner when they emerge from Hell and he saw once more the stars. [Canto XXXIV, ln.] Dantes exit from Hell symbolizes the purging of his ins and how he has now acheived something of a saintlike status. The significance of the stars is they represent Gods love, hope, and divinity. And being able to see them represents how Dante is once again on the narrow way. Supporting the idea that stars are symbols of divinity comes from Canto Eleven, when Virgil refers to the constellations for guidance. This suggests God is using the stars to communicate with Virgil. Similarly in Canto Seven, Virgil causes them to cut short their visit because of the locations of the stars.

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