The Queen

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She was fathomed as Queen. She would have been around in her late 0s, fair colored, large cinnamon eyes and still in a good figure. In short she had all the capabilities that can persuade a man to fall before her. There was a strange luminescence on her face, more likely a secret well kept. Dressed in black, she glowed like a goddess. She had peculiar habit of giving alms to poor people at night, these alms were not of wealth nor of goods but of her own flesh. The beggars of her alms were dressed head to tow, who would strip according to her wishes. She had a child, a rapidly growing child, who didnt know who she was, what she did for living, to furnish her expenses but only knowing who she was to her! Kept away from her on her own consent, she was to reveal the secrets of her life to child one-day but least not near. People heard about the long going preparations within this anomalous area outside the walls of city, where women were the goddesses and men were slaves of their own wishes. But out of this world where nights were spent and days were slept, hundreds of kilometers away there slept a girl in noon. She was the girl who belonged to the Queen. She would see her once in a month, wrapped from head to toe, she would come to kiss her child. The girl did know this woman is her mother who lives far away and her work keeps her away. The girl name was Hayya, she inherited the elegance and visage from her mother. Queen would have been somewhat like Hayya in her ivory age. She had lived a life in isolation from her mother but not from the society. In the college where she studied, she had a crush over a handsome guy who was known as Zahid. He was the embodiment of masculinity. She had developed a strong relation with him. No one knew what life beholds in its bosom for the characters around. What? Hayya asked Zahid who was sitting close to her. He keeps on explaining what he meant, I want to hold you for once so close that my soul merges into yours. That choked a rainbow of colors on her face. One could easily guess what was going in between them. And that day came which her mother feared to keep away from her. The night was complete dark and somber was far-gone in the room where two bodies were going to stamp their emotions with the hues of pleasure and sex. The lovers in one another arms defied the limits of the society, the norms of normality. The sickness of being law-bound swooned into this sensual pleasure which carved a new dimension in the life of Hayya. On the other hand Zahid was more delightful to have the touch of a girl for whom one could die. Deep down inside his heart he wanted to marry her, but after this night he would completely change. This change would not just change him but would diminish his being into a man from a boy, on the other hand a girl to a woman. No one knew what was going on until the moment when queen came back to see her young girl. Hayya told her mother anxiously what happened with her and she went on telling, mum this guy I love the most belongs to a noble family and he has promised me of marrying. Hearing these words a flash back hits her soul and quavered her deep from inside. Her memory took her 1 years back… when she was 4 year old a beautiful girl, unaware of the reality that her family had some traditions long held. She uttered the same words to her mother, who was known as queen. It occurred like a d�jà vu that trembled her for what she had faced and went through in past. She couldnt stand by it and told her not to see that guy Zahid. She said to Hayya, If we are frail creature then men are not to be trusted ever. She left the very next day, ordering the maid to keep a close eye on Hayya. On the other hand Hayya didnt give up seeing Zahid. The nights went on long un-slept and joyous and days were turning out to be long slept. One night Zahid called her up instead of coming to her place and told her, I am getting married she out of joy screamed, when did you meet my mother and the very next moment she would collapse hearing Zahid saying, I did not met your mother, nor do I need to meet. Because I am not getting married to you. The next word she uttered was why you are doing this to me? and he hanged up. The night was all its tears, crying out from the sky above. In a room fully devoid of light one could just feel the presence of some soul. The soul which has lost the meaning of its existence, thriving upon grief and fatality. The loss of chastity didnt meant anything to Hayya but the shattering of image of love fluttering her soul, she cried and cried till her eyes distended and slept that night in the arms of loneliness and anguish. Soon Queen came to know what happened to her childs innocence, why she shed tears of blood and mourns the days gone so long. She took her to the place where she was taken 1 years ago. She unveils the story behind her stoned hallow but beautiful eyes. The similar story the same Zahid like man, who used her to get to know what pleasure, lies in crossing the periphery of bodies stripped. Who left her with a child he called unwanted, but coveted! And she tells her, You know that child was you! and out of distress Queen sobbed. Hayya snared with grief, shock and trauma was left alone to determine her future. As people inside the walled civic heard about the long going preparations in the area where nights are long celebrated, those who were the regular attendees of these feasts of pleasure, started preparing for the ceremony. There was jubilation going on and around which would mark the luck of beggars dressed in fine silk wishing to collect the alms from a nymph. And that long awaited night happened to be the best among the all of its kind. Lights had glorified even the hinges of a door that stood outside the city, who premises was banned for the goddess of sensuality. Those who fought for women rights and wrote stoned columns in press, were among the beggars on the street of the city of red light and among them there were hundreds of Zahids. Dressed in finest silk, with pockets full of gold and money to give a highest bid to receive the alms of flesh devoid of calenture and honor… After all this was the night that was going to witness the crowning ceremony of a new Queen, whose mother was a Queen!

� Malik Ahmad Rajwana

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