My personal Goals as a University of Phoenix Student

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My Personal Goals as a University of Phoenix Student

Alexander M. Godwin

Gen. 101-Skills for Lifelong Learning

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Instructor Rebecca Blalock

September 8, 00


As a University of Phoenix student, I plan to learn and relearn information that will benefit me in the future as I raise my family and opportunities in the workforce present themselves to me. First, I plan to receive a degree in Business Management. I need that to accommodate my desire to start my own business. I am starting a new family and furthering my education is a positive start in the right direction to providing security and stability for them. The University of Phoenix has offered me the chance to enjoy my personal life while I continue my education without a lot of added stress and discomfort. Being able to attend school online, I can focus on more than one major situation happening in my life right now. With the recent birth of my first born child, I was not looking forward to giving divided attention to school or to him. I am fortunate enough to be attentive to both and I plan to make the most out of it. My biggest goal is to show others and prove to myself that I can be successful and that I do not have to be a part of the stereotypes that most of my peers have become. I can do this now as a University of Phoenix student.

My Personal Goals as a University of Phoenix Student

For as long as I can remember, I have been faced with challenges and adversities that, sometimes, seemed unconquerable. My family did not breed many college graduates. Maybe, they were comfortable with that but I wanted much more out of life for myself.

Although I had the desire and hunger for life success, I did not have the will and discipline to accept the sacrifices that came with it. So, throughout my grade school years, I did the very minimum work required to be advanced to the next grade. That was enough for me as I dealt with the everyday struggles of a low income lifestyle. Still, I always knew that I wanted to be successful in life no matter what obstacles awaited me. As I got older, I realized that success could only be achieved after being educated. By the completion of my senior year and after failing the eleventh grade, I had given up on college.

It has been over seven years since I graduated from high school. With the desire to rid myself of the security and routined lifestyle that I was accustomed to at home, I enlisted into the United States Army. I figured that I might as well do something with my life to bring in a steady income knowing that I would not be supported by my parents who were making just enough to survive. I traveled the globe, touching foreign lands, practicing many cultures, and meeting people from all walks of life. I remember being informed that the military would pay for me to go to college. All that needed to be done by me was to devote myself to the protection of my country. I soon discovered that it was not as easily carried out as I understood it to be. It was very difficult to complete all of the daily tasks that were expected by my superiors while going to school. In fact, I was denied the opportunity to even enroll into college classes because of the interruptions and distractions that could be caused. So, once again, I had given up my hopes of attending school.

At the end of an exciting and challenging career and after realizing that there is so much more that I wanted to experience at a young age, I knew that I could not move forward successfully without seeking higher education. I separated from the Army and returned to my hometown where I was planning to use my military college fund to finally attend school. Now, with a new baby and the new way of life that he brings, I am going after my dream once more. I recall a discussion I had about starting my son’s college fund and thinking that I am already expecting for him to attend college and I have not yet done so. I would be able to set a better example for him and persuade him to do well in school if I had already accomplished it.

With the job market being so demanding, it is very hard to find a decent job without, at least, having an associate’s degree. So, I am attending online classes and taking care of my son at the same time. It is hard sometimes but I now have the will and discipline that I lacked as a teenager. Whatever it takes to complete this class and the ones that follow, I will do, proudly.

For months, I searched around for the right college to attend. I researched my city’s community colleges, junior colleges, and universities. I also visited a private institution. None of these suited me well enough. Finally, I saw a commercial for University of Phoenix online. So, I researched its website and contacted a counselor. I could not have been pleased more. From the comfort of my home, I now have the opportunity to be active in my son’s life on a day-to-day basis while focusing on my schoolwork. I can do this without the stress and discomfort of a traditional college atmosphere. Without the obstacles and excuses I once had, I am finally embarking a challenge that I face with high expectations and hopes.

Through this online form of schooling, I, ultimately, plan to receive a degree in Business Management as well as equip myself with more than just the basic skills needed for most entry-level workforce positions. As a University of Phoenix student, I am comfortable in saying that receiving an education is more enjoyable than I believed college would be. I am pleased and know that all of my goals can and will be accomplished. I’ll complete this course with enriched learning skills and a degree to help me reenter the workforce and continue on my endeavor to be successful in life.

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