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In people’s lives, there are often periods of difficult times that they sometimes have to face, certain

barriers that they have to overcome in order to move further on life’s path. Sometimes they defeat

them sometimes they are left defeated. During these trials, people often become shaped in a certain

way and these times usually form the future people that they are to become. Like all people,

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Richard Wright, too goes through difficult times, which he describes in his autobiography Black

Boy. He tells of the barriers that he faces in life and gradually, through time, overcomes.

One of the obstacles that Richard has to go through is being illiterate. Since he has been unable to

go to any kind of school, Richard does not know how to count or read. By coincidence a coal

deliverer teaches him to count, so “when [his] mother [returns] from her job that night [he insists]

that she stand still and listen while [he counts] to one hundred”(0) ; “After that she is so

impressed, she decides to [teach him] how to read, [tell him] stories”(0).Because he has the

motivation to learn, Richard truly succeeds in all these things In addition to this, through his desire

to learn he begins to appreciate books so much that through them he escapes into another world,

where books to Richard becomes some form of a drug, “like dope. The novels [create]

moods in which [he lives] for days”(7). While books entertain Richard, they also do much more.

They help him survive Since “It [has]only been through books that [he has] managed to keep

himself alive”(8), Richard grows both mentally and emotionally. Indeed, he overcomes his


In addition to this, Richard is isolated for the most part of his life. Not only does he feels

unwanted and abused in the outside world, but he also feels inferior and invisible in his own family.

This is probably the hardest obstacle for him in life. Through such hard times that he goes through,

he has no one to turn to for comfort or compassion. Only toward the end during his mother’s

paralysis, he finally finds someone who understands him “There [are] many days when [he speaks]

to no one in the home except [his] mother”(1). Because Richard’s father left the family when he

was so young, his mother had to work to be able to support the family, and therefore, she had no

time to bond with Richard.The lack of genuine love and warmth in his childhood play a major role

in the person he becomes later in life.

Another struggle that Richard faces in life is hunger. Hunger had always been the physical barrier

for him, especially during his childhood. Even though he gradually overcomes it after finally

getting a stable job further North, the emotional hunger always stays with him. He still longs for

hostility among whites and blacks to disappear. In his heart he hopes that things will be different

someday, since “the face of the South that [he knows is] hostile and forbidding, and yet out of all of

the conflicts and curses [he has] somehow gotten the idea that life [can] be different”(8). Richard

is not like everyone else that he knows. He has a very strong opinion about life and the way things

should be. Even with such a hard life with endless obsticles “From where in this southern darkness

[has he] caught a sense of freedom? The external world of whites and blacks…surely [have] not

evoked in [him] any belief in [himself] ”(8).But in spite of all this, Richard learns to finally

believe in himself and trust his own feelings.

The biggest step that Richard takes in his life is leaving the South. This is by far the greatest

barrier that he overcomes. But by leaving the South “[he knows] that [he can] never really leave the

South, for [his] feelings [have] already been formed [there]. So in leaving,[he takes] part of the

South to transplant in alien soil to see if it [can] grow differently… and, perhaps, bloom…”(84).

While Richard moves on in life, he never forgets his life in the South, because of the effect it had on


Indeed, Richard goes through a very harsh life in the South. It is truly a wonder how he survives

such trials, overcomes such barriers. But a point that Richard makes at the end of Black Boy is that

while he moves forward away from the pain, he also takes the memories of his painful past into his

future to learn from them and appreciate his presence.

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