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WIMP � Windows icons menus pointer (Windows icon mouse pull down menu) it was used early in the 10’s.

GUI (Graphics User Interface)

How a mouse works � the mouse uses a ball under it which can move north, south, east and west. As the axis pulses are sent to the computer.


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• A mouse is a pointing device which is the second most common input device.

• A flat surface is needed for the mouse to function properly.

• A small ball moves and the movements are detected by the way the ball was turning.

• A small arrow moves around the screen using a special ‘mouse driver’. This shows the mouse cursor on the screen.

• A mouse has at least buttons. A left button and a right button. The left button is normally used to make selections. The right one is used for Pop down Menus, which change according to the application being used.

• Touch pads and trackballs are two more pointing devices. They are used instead of a mouse.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• Allows different data to be put and point of the page.

• Good for selecting items from menus.

• Small

• Difficult co-ordinations at first.

• Needs a flat space.

• Dust interferes with use.


• The joystick is usually used for computer games and controlling the way something moves.

• There are movements, up and down or side to side and diagonally. A jump or a gun can be activated by the button which is usually on the joystick.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• Better simulation.

• Specialized used.

• Limited use.

Touch Screens

• When you touch anywhere on the screen it will be detected.

• There are many different ways this can be done

o Infra-Red light shines from the top of the screen to the bottom and from side to side. The screen is divided into a grid and which ever part of the screen you touch the action will happen in.

• Touch Screens can also be used in restaurants or fast food chains because it’s easier than using a whole computer to input data. Only selected items are on the screens which are particular to the specific job.

Digital Cameras

• A digital camera can store a lot more pictures than an ordinary camera.

• Pictures are stored in the floppy-disks or memory cards and can be transferred to the computer.

• Light passes through the lenses. This is how the picture is taken.

• A grid of light sensors is involved.

• Different binary patterns are used to decide the colours of the picture.

• Pictures can be easily saved and changed and edited on the computer.

• Some digital cameras also have film

• They are quite expensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• No need to scan pictures.

• No development time or cost.

• Images can be easily edited.

• Resolution not as good as an ordinary camera.

• Can be expensive � up till $1000.


• A scanner is used to transfer pictures and text in to a computer.

• There are two types of scanners, hand held and flat bed.

• Scanners work when beams of light pass over an image.

• Different amounts of light refer to the picture. The data is used to produce a digital image of the picture that the computer displays on the screen.

• The data is saved and can be changed.

• You can covert the digital image of text into the text on the screen.

Advantages and Disadvantages

• Saves people having to hand draw images to illustrate typed text.

• Scanned images are more accurate than clip-art.

• Difficult to learn how to use.

• Some images can take up a lot of space.

• Used to be difficult to connect and takes up a lot of space.

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