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Having talked to his father, Jona could confirm that Nina’s predictions were true..

He had been really patient with his search and he would finally have the chance of being face to face with his mum.

Having turned into a child he would have the best opportunity of enjoying his mum. The more he thought about Katya the less he could believe it. He was incapable of looking at her without some kind of resentment. Although he knew she wasn’t able to recall anything.

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His father had had some difficulty in explaining to him what had happened to Katya.

Jona had no doubt about his origins, but he didn’t want to assume the fact that Katya had lost her memory. If that was like that, why wouldn’t his father tell him about that?.

His father assumed the total responsibility of his mistake. However, at the time of the accident the doctors were convinced of the treatment they’d decided for Katya “Don’t tell her anything about her past until she could remember everything by herself”. She never remembered. Years went by and Jona’s father was conscious of his decision, but he couldn’t accept any other solution to that problem. Jona’s father would never be able to free himself from the chains of the past, he also knew that his son would never forgive him for this.


Katya Weren’t you supposed to be at school, Jona?

Jona Now I know why you’re all the time acting as my mother.

Katya What do you mean?

Jona I’m not supposed to be telling this to you, but I need to be open with you.

Katya Is there anyone who doesn’t let you speak to me?

Jona In a way...

Katya Don’t tell me that your dad doesn’t allow you to talk to me once again.

Jona Well, I’ll stop beating about the bush. I’ve learned that you’re my real mum.

Katya Come on, Jona, one of your jokes again!! I’ve told you thousands of times not to believe everything the other kids at school tell you.

Jona No, Katya, this is not from school, dad was the one who broke the news.

Katya What?

Jona I’ve been looking for you for years and you were so close to me!

Katya Do you think I’m stupid? How would I deny the fact that I have a child?

Jona No, Katya, it’s a long story, apparently you lost your memory in an accident and you haven’t recovered it since then.

Katya But... your father...

Jona Well, you weren’t married to him, but he loved you so much, he fought against everyone for your love, because of your social condition, you know.

Katya So...we are mother and son?

Jona Yes!!

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