the great depression

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“All classes and all age groups in Australia were equally affected by the

Great depression.” Do you agree? How did the Great Depression affect the lives of Australian’s.

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In the depression many people were affected. But not all equally and not all in the same ways, different people experienced different things, and everyone would have been in different circumstances.

All age groups were have been affected by the depression, but not in the same way. Younger citizens who were born during the depression didn’t get all the nutrients a baby needs. They also were brought up with no money, so they didn’t know what it was like outside the depression. While people who were born before the depression were use to having money and spending it on other things besides the essentials. So they had to adapt to not having any money.

All rich people were have been affected by the depression, not all in the same way though. Some rich people may not have even been affected bad. While other rich people went bankrupt over night. With all there money in shares and then the stock market going bust in October 1. There were only a few, people who sold their shares before the stock market closed. Those people were extremely lucky or smart and were able to save most of their money.

All woman were affected in the depression, but not all in the same way. Some woman had to stay at home with their kids while the husband goes out all over Australia looking for a job. While other woman and their husband had to travel all over Australia with their kids trying to find work, living off of the susso to survive. Other women were forced to quit and resign from their job because they were married.

All people in the depression were affected. They all had to put up with Australia’s poorest times. Some had it harder than others and some were hardly affected. Overall the depression was a very hard time to live in but not all people were equally affected.

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