The grapes of wrath

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Sister relationships are a very special bond sisters can develop. Relationships between sisters can be even more special of that of a friend or even a parent. In both works the relationships shown between the sisters seemed to be a very special and unique one’s each in there own way. Every sister or brother relationship has it’s own loving values.

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In Pride and Prejudice the book displayed images of closeness between the sisters. In the book the sisters were there for each other no matter what happened or what the consequences might turn out to be. Elizabeth was always there for Jane, she was there for her when she was sick and when the whole situation with Bingley occurred. Elizabeth stood by her sister comforting her and standing up for her. Many relationships between sisters is like the book, they are there for each other, giving advice, protecting each other , and making sure each sister has everything she needs. They were both happy for each other no matter what happened, each was right there next to each other’s sides giving advice and supporting each other’s opinions. Even thought all sisters have their little disputes they manage to work them out one way or another. Sister’s stand up for each other and stand by each other, and build a relationship based on trust and honesty, and most importantly sisterly love. One literary element I would say the author used was structure. The author used structure to show and try to get us the reader to understand and sort of get a sense of a relationship between sisters, and also try and to show how they can relate to each other. The book shows how sisters are there for each other during sickness, health, love relations, and just ordinary everyday hardships of life.

In the movie Sense and Sensibility there was a stronger relationship between the sisters, that I felt was far more easier to sense then in the book Pride and Prejudice. In the book however, you can still sense the closeness but not as much as in the movie where it paints a more vivid and understandable image. In the movie Eleanor and Maryann I’d say where the closest. They shared many secrets and each other’s pain and they both never left on another’s side. During the movie they both had love issues but stuck by each other and helped each other through them the best they can. The love issue with Mr.Willabee, I could sense that Eleanor was angry with him for that doing that to her sister. I think every sister want’s the best for her sister or brother. Eleanor stood by Maryann and tried to make her realize that she deserves much better then Willabee. Sisters help each other with love issues and sometimes will feel your pain over someone. They will always try to make you feel better. Sometimes, they get angry along with us, and they will always be there to help us through those difficult times.

In both works the sisters where always there for each other no matter what happened and occurred. I would also use structure for this movie because the author showed the bond between sisters, and showed how special it is, and even thought the sisters may not act like it sometimes, they love each other very much and will do anything for one another.

In conclusion, I am a only child so I am not sure how a sister relationship works. From family and friends I can understand that having a sister or brother is a wonderful thing in life. The bonds you make and the closeness you have is a forever-ongoing relationship.

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