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an impact on me regarding how I saw relationships between various parties, in this case � the consultant and the client relationship if they were to work well. I’ve come to comprehend the importance of establishing a relationship correctly first time round and recognised potential traps that can limit the development of that relationship whether it is business related or not. Reflecting on this reading as a whole, I feel that the most important task for both parties is to establish trust and once that trust achieved communication will flow. My view is supported by Holtz (1) also who suggests that as one of the keys to success as a consultant; “you must inspire confidence and trust and one skill that is critical in inspiring trust is listening”.

Fincham (00) also emphasises that for work to be effective between consultants and clients, they must arrive at a position of trust. I feel strongly that we ourselves are consultants in different ways. Surely we all enjoy and have been asked for advice more than once in our lives, never have we realised issues and traps - one-down, one-upness, power and authority difference � that awaits us as soon as we respond. Until now, I’ve never have I once thought of approaching the response carefully such as that suggested for consultants to do by not “over-react to the dependence that the client may display by giving inappropriate support and reassurance” (p.). Is unlikely that anyone, including myself have ever really paid much attentions to the given “higher status and power position” that the other party has given us when approached seeking advice and thinking of not to “over-react to the dependence that the client may display by giving inappropriate support and reassurance” (p.). Metaphorically looking at the one-down, one-upness theory, I feel that is it comparable to a see-saw with water flowing along the plank. The challenge of see-saw is for bot parties to avoid having the water flow in one direction

However, whilst reading this chapter, I was confused and questioned by Schein’s differentiation between “consulting” and “giving advice”. According to my

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