Bridget Bishop's Defense

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I cannot believe that I am being accused of witchcraft! I have jus tried to help the people out and the second something goes wrong, they turn on me and accuse me of bewitching them. They think it is so funny to fall down whenever I look at them and not move until I touch them. It is not helping me out at all. It jus gives everyone more reason to point their finger at me. There is no way of ever proving my innocent now.

I cannot believe I called Deliverance Hobbs a friend. She completely turned on me and betrayed my trust. Testifying to the court that I made her sign the Book is completely absurd. She was accused of being a witch before I was. She was completely lying when she told the court that I was at a general meeting of witches. I was there to help the ladies figure out which bread went best with the wine. She completely turned it around on me. The nerve of that woman.

Everyone has chosen to gang up against me for the mere fact that they were bored and wanted to do something to liven up the place. Why me? Why have they chosen to single me out of everyone other woman in this town? I cannot believe Samuel Gray was a close friend. He proved to be nothing but a foe. Saying I am the cause of his baby’s death. I came to see the baby because it was in such a sickly condition and I thought I had some herbs that would nurse the child back into good health. Apparently my good deed turned me into a witch. There was nothing that could be done for the child.

John Bly is a lunatic. I did not bewitch the sow my husband sold him. I was trying to warn him that Edward was selling him a sickly sow to begin with. I suppose my nature of being a witch automatically made him think I was trying to bewitch the sickly sow. Richard Coman has been lusting after me for God knows how long. He dreams of me every night, it seems. He is just a sheep who went along with the crowd of people against me and accused me of coming to him in the middle of the night. As if I would do such a thing. I still have not a clue how he convinces his friends to all speak against me. I wonder what lies he fed them to turn them against me.

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That Samuel Shattock really knows how to annoy me. Jus because I had an argument with his wife does not mean I am the cause of their son’s death. They were very ignorant about his condition. He had spasms where he could do nothing except cause himself pain. To say I was the cause of it is absurd. Then to bring that sickly creature to my home to contaminate it with his condition! I would not stand for it!

The black pig that John Louder saw was not mine. It was a stray that comes to eat in my yard. I have tried numerous times to rid my property of that disgusting pig, yet it continues to come back for food. I wish I knew the reason why so many men want to bicker with me over such trivial issues and then call me a witch because they are given some bad fortune. I think John Louder was hallucinating when he saw that creature with a body of a monkey, the feet of a cock, and a man’s face. He has always been known to drink too much too often, which leads in believing in things that do not exist.

I do not know what to do. There are so many people accusing me of being a witch. I wish I knew why they want to point the blame for their misfortune upon me. I do not deserve it at all. I hope and pray all goes well and I am found innocent of being a witch since it is not the case.

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