uncle toms cabin

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Uncle Toms Cabin depicted the time period of slavery very

well. The protagonist of the story was Uncle Tom, he is the pious

and good man of the story. He never loses his faith in people,

even if put down by them. From what I’ve read Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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was made to symbolize religious and steady faith. Mr. and Mrs.

Shelby represent the few slave owners that cared about there

slave and there well being.

When Eliza ran away for the Shelby’s to save her son from

being sold and in depspreration ran into the freezing cold river

to get away from Tom Loker was when you saw her love for her

son, Harry. The icy river kind of symbolized the line between

slavery and freedom. It was kind of ironic how Mrs. Bird and Mrs.

Shelby acted because you would of thought at that time that the

women listen to there husbands every word but these two women

spoke as openly as any other man.

It looked encouraging the Uncle Tom would be ok when he met

Eva and her father, Augustine St. Clare, because they were

similar to the Shelby’s. He was being treated good and he

had his Bible also he was in contact with his wife by letters.

St.Clare had promise his daughter to let Uncle Tom go but it went

down hill when Eva died and soon after he died too so there was no

and Eliza ended up with her husband heading for freedom. At this point you should recognize that Eliza is going a good path and

Uncle Tom was going more in oppression. When Tom was sold To

Simon Legree, it was the first time he ever saw slaves being

cruel to other slaves. Legree made his slave beat others

An American novelist, humanitarian, and philanthropist,

Harriet Elisabeth Beecher, mostly known as Harriet Beecher Stowe

was best known for her anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Born June 14, 1811, the seventh child of a famous protestant

preacher . She first worked as a teacher with her older sister

Catharine and supported herself by writing local and religious

periodicals . Stowe’s first publication was a geography for

children . That did limit her she also wrote poems , children

books and adult books. Her first and most famous was Uncle Tom’s

Cabin. It began as 40 serial installments in, the National Era.

The story was to some extent based on true events and life of

Josiah Henson. The book ended up selling 00,00 its first year.

Stowe visited Europe in 185 and received numerous honors. The

book has also been translated into 7 languages.

“Harriet set about to write a polemical novel illustrating

the moral responsibility of the entire nation for the cruel

system.” More simply she wanted show people how slaves where

being treated and how it needed to change. Also to exemplifies

how unjust and inhumane the slaves were being treated and open up

the eyes of ingore people that don’t care about others. Stowe

goes about her objective by using her experience with the anti-slavery movement , familiarity with slavery, and personal

experiences, and knowledge of the underground railroad . It

gave her the idea to make up characters such as Uncle Tom, Eliza,

Mr. Shelby, and Eva. She showed the relationship between the

characters and like slaves relationship between the slaves and

there masters. The best example of a loving and happy

relationship is between Eliza and Uncle Tom with the Shelby’s.

That show how humane some of the slave owners were. And Stowe

showed the cruelty and bruelity of the south by showing the

relationship between Uncle Tom and Simon Legree.

She was successful in making a point about the cruelty of

slavery. What made it successful was how she showed the deep

emotion in the story. Some parts were so over whelming that you

felt that you were actually there. One part that you felt that

was when little Eva died. She was so loving and cared about

others that her death devastated so many. Also she went about her

point by writing about the hardships different slaves went

through. So it touched peoples heart and made you think , would

you want your family be treated like that.

This story could of beeen better if it showed more situation

of what happened in the south at that time. If it was possiably

pictures would of been great because you get to see the people

and what feeling were going on on there faces. Like they say, “ A

picture is worth a thousand word.” and in this case it would

because you would be able to into the slaves torment eye and try

to feel the pain.

No, I don’t think there was a bias in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

because she didn’t focus only of the bad aspects of the time but

of the good ones too. You got to see Eliza and family get free in

Canada and be happy, while you saw Uncle Tom beaten to death. She

also didn’t just show how the slaves were feeling but at the same

time show how the slave owners feeled. Stowe gave a

good overview of the time.

I think Uncle Tom’s cabin was well written and served its

prepose well. It showed the cruelity and hard ship of the time it

made people think twice about what they were doing. From

reading it I can see how it made such a positive impact on

people. This story proably paved the way for people such as

Martin Luther King Jr. , Malcom X , and the future equility

between black and white people. So much came out of this tiny


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